The Bridge creator hints at fourth season



Swedish writer Hans Rosenfeldt has again alluded to a possible fourth season of Swedish – Danish series, The Bridge.

“The final decision hasn’t been taken yet but everything is in place,” he told Radio Times. “I guess they will push the button in the next few days.”

Rosenfeldt has already begun writing a new series and hasn’t ruled out the return of Saga’s first partner Martin Rohde, who languished in jail for the whole of the last series.

“You should never say never. We won’t bring back Martin for nostalgia. If we bring him back, it’s because we think it’s the best thing for the story. We’ll see. You never know.”

A fourth season is tipped for 2018, but yet to be confirmed.


  1. Really hope there is another season and Martin returns as Saga’s partner – such wonderful chemistry between the two characters.
    Agree re The Killing – also great chemistry between Linden and Holder.
    Saga and Holder are two of my very favourite TV characters – would love to see them together in a similar series..

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