The Monkees reunite (sort of)

The Monkees are charting once again, and planning a visit to Australia.


Original Monkees star Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork reunited this week on Good Morning America to promote a brand new album “Good Times.”

The third surviving member Mike Nesmith later joined his fellow Monkees on radio.

“Tonight…we are actually planning to have [Nesmith] Skype in a performance that we will be playing to live, just by way of saying, ‘Hi, Mike. Thanks for coming around,'” Tork said earlier.

Star Davy Jones died in 2012.

The album has already reached #1 on amazon.com’s CD chart just six days after its release.

The Monkees, who were a pop culture phenomenon in the late 1960s, will be touring all year before a visit to Australia.

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