Tracy Grimshaw marks 35 years at Nine

It was a big bouquet of flowers delivered to the A Current Affair office yesterday as Tracy Grimshaw celebrated 35 years at Nine.

Grimshaw has been with ACA since 2006. She joined Channel Nine in 1981, following an early journalism job in suburban newspapers. As a National Nine News reporter, Grimshaw did 13 years on the road, before hosting Daybreak News, Animal Hospital and ten years on the Today show. There was even a brief stint co-hosting Midday between Derryn Hinch and Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

“It was with David Reyne and it was so brief that everybody forgets,” she once told TV Tonight. “It was not a glorious period in the Midday Show time. Ray had left, Derryn took over and then it got axed. And then they decided to bring it back, but with such a skinny little budget that it was such a shadow of its former self.

“I remember we had Christine Anu performing a pop song and we couldn’t even afford a band or a set so she did it almost accapella. I think she had her brother on a two string guitar!”

At ACA she has interviewed names including Paul Hogan, Bert & Patti Newton, Lindy Chamberlain, Reg Grundy, Michael Parkinson, Sarah Monahan and Matthew Johns, winning the 2009 Walkley Award for Broadcast and Online for the latter.


Walkley Award judges said: “When Matthew Johns sat down to talk to Tracy Grimshaw, we all sat down. It was compelling television as we watched a man’s career crumble. A tense and difficult interview, with the reporter also under particular pressures, but Grimshaw proved the expert interviewer.”


  1. It is a fantastic achievement for anyone in any type of role to notch up 35 years with the same company, but for a female to do it in an on air capacity with the same network is down right amazing!! Well done Tracey on a fabulous 35 years and here is to a lot more!

  2. I like Tracey but l feel it’s time for a new presenter. The show is looking tired and a little outdated. That’s my opinion and others will say the opposite ie stay with the tried and true.

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