Viceland to replace SBS 2

Updated: SBS 2 is to be rebadged as Viceland in a partnership with US-Canadian Vice Media from late 2016.


Updated: SBS 2 is set to be rebadged as VICELAND with content from US-Canadian youth Vice Media from late 2016.

New shows covering culture, music, sports, fashion, technology will screen.

According to SBS, “The new channel will be owned and operated by SBS, leveraging the distinctive creativity and experience of both VICE and SBS creative teams. It will be on the SBS 2 channel spectrum and online platforms, available to all Australians for free. Programming will focus on a distinct, immersive style of original lifestyle and culture content for young viewers and will feature Australian-produced programs.”

Local commissions including The Feed, plus international News are expected to remain, with the channel to be owned and operated by SBS.

Michael Ebeid, SBS managing director and CEO, said: “Exploring diversity through culture is at the heart of SBS’s purpose and we are excited to be partnering with Vice to bring some of the best available content from across the world, never before seen in Australia, in documentary, journalism and inspiring entertainment, free to all Australians on SBS channels and platforms.”

Michael Slonim, Vice Australia managing director, said: “This is a unique partnership that will help catapult Vice further into the consciousness of young Australians. SBS shares our storytelling sensibilities and curiosity about the world, and we’re delighted to be partnering up to bring Viceland to this market in the biggest way possible.”

Overseen by Spike Jonze as co-president, Viceland launched in the US in February and features titles including GaycationHuang’s World, Noisey, F*ck That’s DeliciousWeediquette, Balls Deep and more.

Vice Australia launched in 2003 with editorial and video programming for youth audiences.

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  1. Love the Food Network and welcome VICELAND, glad SBS2 will have better daytime programs , not news programs, the programs on the VICELAND web site look great !!

    1. Article says that international news is expected to remain.

      I wonder what this means for things like soccer and non-English-speaking dramas from non-Scandinavian countries such as Salamander. Will they remain, move to SBS1, or will we get less of them?

  2. I know I have commented already but overnight I realised something. When Foxtel closed Bio they said they “were always considering new channels and were looking at the newly launched Viceland” (or some P.R. response like that to sound like they weren’t stagnant). But given news was also released yesterday that Viceland would be launching a dedicated channel on Sky in New Zealand, I assume Vice have gone with SBS because Foxtel turned them down. Now if that’s true, that means that Foxtel are focusing way too much on their sports offerings and need to reconsider their annual new channel launches which haven’t occurred in 2.5 years (TVH!TS and Syfy).

    1. Sorry correction, the last brand new (so not a replacement for an existing channel like Foxtel Arts and Studio last year) non-sports channel launch was Sky News Election a few months ago, and before that it was Boxsets and Discovery Kids in November 2014.

  3. Isn’t this a departure from the original brief ie air multicultural programs? Canadian is just the same as American culture. Surely other free to air have that covered? I remember a time very few programs were in English and they were forced to subtitle them. Sounding more mainstream to me. Btw k hated that stupid logo and the ones previous to it.

  4. Okay, Foodnetwork branding made sense, this does not.
    I can see why they want to change the name to distinguish it from ABC2, however SBS2 is now quite a distinct brand. Will put me off of watching when the changes take effect (yes, I support channels which stick to their original guidelines. No longer avidly watch One nor GO!)

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