9Life delays Love Island


That was quick.

After a media release just 4 days ago announcing Love Island would premiere tonight on 9Life, those plans are already dumped.

9Life will screen Dinner Date tonight instead at 9:30pm.

Presumably Nine has realised the show will get swamped in the MasterChef finale, due to end at 9:40pm.

Love Island is also out tomorrow night (it was due for both Tuesdays & Wednesdays) and is now premiering next week:

Monday 9:30pm (dbl episode)
Tuesday 10:30pm
Wednesday 9:30pm (dbl episode)


  1. Not sure whether the Love Island viewer is the same demographic as a MasterChef viewer. What fantasy land do these programmers live in!

  2. How confusing! And the networks wonder why overall television ratings are down…maybe because viewers struggle to keep up with where their show has gone!

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