Airdate: Anh’s Brush with Fame


The ever-popular Anh Do has a new series, Anh’s Brush with Fame, coming to ABC in which he paints portraits and interviews his subjects.

Do, who was a finalist in the 2014 Archibald Prize, paints Amanda Keller, Jimmy Barnes, Magda Szubanski, Craig McLachlan, Anthony Mundine, Kyle Sandilands, Kate Ceberano and Dr Charlie Teo.

The 8 part series is produced by Screentime.

For Anh to do his best work as a portrait painter, he needs to find the soul of the person, so while painting, he digs deep into their psyche and discovers what makes them tick. As he talks through their life, childhood and formative years, along with the humour, Anh unearths their deepest darkest secrets. Our celebrities also share private and rare archival material, such as personal photos and videos, which further paints a very different picture of them.

It’s a journey for both the artist and his subject. As Anh chats to them and discovers more about their past, this affects the way he paints their portrait. He also bonds with them as they find they have shared experiences and hardships. It’s a cathartic, emotional ride between the two of them as they share laughter, tears and exclusive stories.

The emotional journey that Anh and his subject are on, leads to the final big reveal – when the celebrity finally gets to see their completed portrait. Will they like Anh’s version of them? It’s a dramatic moment of truth each time.

Wednesday 24 August at 8pm on ABC.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Yes an interview show with a “reveal ” at the end… though surely Anh did not actually paint his subjects as he talked with them in real time ?
    The bit where the Celebrity goes outside before the “reveal” is the only bit that jarred…as a tension builder it did not really work.
    Nice little series though

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