Alfie wins The Voice 2016


Sydney architect Alfie Arcuri has won The Voice for 2016.

The 28 year old defeated 17 year old Adam Ladell for the 2016 title -both were finalists from Team Delta.

Singers Tash Lockhart (Team Ronan) and Ellen Reed (Team Jessie) also competed before being eliminated.

Arcuri wins $100,000, a new car and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia. His rise to glory has been rapid, after only singing in public for the first time three years ago. As it turns out, he was also the first act to appear on the Nine show this year.

“This whole experience was more than just singing for me,” he said. “It was a personal growth experience, it was validating.

“Delta’s been our rock, our guidance, everything for the last few weeks.”

“Alfie was a very special artist from the start. He has a real gift and beautiful charisma which shines every time he sings,” Delta Goodrem said. “I am so proud and honoured to have shared this journey with him as his coach on Team Delta and The Voice season five. I couldn’t be more proud that Australia has voted for Alfie. It’s been an incredible season, and I look forward to seeing Alfie develop as an artist who will always have my support.”

“We are very proud of all four finalists and delighted for Alfie. He was the very first artist we saw in the Blind Auditions and went all the way to win,” said John Walsh, Executive Producer, Channel Nine.

But the Live show also had its very ow wardrobe malfunction when singer Tash Lockhart inadvertently exposed a nipple, when she went to embrace coach Ronan Keating. The nipple slip was soon a topic for discussion on Twitter (none of which made it to air on the show’s broadcast feed).

Last night Arcuri also performed his winner’s single, Cruel, but on social media the song drew a mixed reaction.

George Ash, President, Universal Music Asia Pacific, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Alfie Arcuri to the Universal Music family and are excited once again to be part of such a great season of The Voice here in Australia. We congratulate all the artists and coaches on a great year and look forward to working with Alfie on his new single and upcoming album.”

Nine has announced it is open for new singers for a return season in 2017.


  1. Alfie Is incredible. From the very start I said he would win! His voice was leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else. I will definetly buy his CD.

    The reason I think acts aren’t always so successful afterwards is because of the record company… Universal. They don’t give them good enough Songs or allow them to work with top producers. The winners song that Alfie sang last night was useless. It wasn’t a good song at all. And if it isn’t a good song radio won’t play it, and people won’t buy it.

    In other news tho, Celia Pavey (one of Delta’s past contestants) is currently touring Australia, doing sold out shows under the name Vera Blue. Her music has been on heavy rotation on Triple J and been doing very well on iTunes and on Streaming services. She’s a real voice success.

    • Celia Pavey was very obviously going to be able to forge a music career. When she was on the voice she just lacked a bit of direction and confidence. The music she creates now perfectly complements her incredible voice.
      I think like many of these kind of reality shows, it’s some of the finalists who do well not necessarily the winners. Often because the non-winners aren’t locked into restrictive contracts and can spend more time finding their own style.

  2. The judges must be very well paid, because they do a terrific job of talking up the talent. How many times have we heard them say this person will make it big on the world stage and we never hear from them again? I wonder at the long-term impact on these young people of filling them with a false impression of their ability?

      • Yes, Alfie’s single was a really poor choice – very forgettable and didn’t showcase his lovely voice at all.
        Congrats to him though – definitely the right choice for winner. He was far and away better than the other finalists.
        Pleased to see Adam as runner up as well – such a lovely young guy and an inspiration to all.
        Overall though, this year’s Voice has seemed a little flat and no contestant really stood out as something special.

    • And I cringe everytime a coach says ‘this is the best season ever’ or something like that. It’s like they carbon copy previous years’ script. Not just The Voice though……I’ve heard judges from X-Factor said the same.
      And I am probably the only person not in favor to have Keith Urban back. Would he abandon Australian TV again the moment he got an offer from USA?

  3. The Voice Australia just doesn’t bring people fame or success, after 5 seasons does anyone make it? AGT had Justice Crew in 2009 but since then X Factor has been the only show making “stars” with Reece Mastin, Johnny Ruffo, Samantha Jade and Dami Im. Even Nine’s Big Brother has given Tim Dormer more fame than any The Voice winner.

  4. Never once did they mention that WA and SA voting is closed and there wasn’t a banner to cover the numbers. Sonia kept kept saying everyone can call.When will networks realise that not everyone is on Eastern States time?

  5. And so ends his music career, what was it last year? less than 2000 records sold?? At least I don’t have to listen to the severe over usage of the term ‘artist’, apologies to fans of the show, but these people are simply glorified karaoke singers regardless of any talent they have as a singer, this show just chews them up & spits them out for advertising revenue

    • Bang on!
      These show are just getting ridiculous with the judges telling the winners and even some contestants they will be world wide stars, and they will bet at their concerts etc.
      Let’s face it, most will be forgotten when the next TV talent quest comes along.

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