ATTRA deal: Will we be getting more Aussie drama repeats?


Earlier this week a breakthrough deal was announced between Screen Producers Australia and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance enabling networks to replay more Australian drama.

So is it good news or bad news for viewers, and how will it play out on screen? Does it mean classic Aussie soaps will be more available?

Both unions view the deal as a win / win, effectively setting up a new framework for actors to receive a new loading for streaming and catch-up plays. For future productions the pathway is much clearer for all parties when it comes to repeats and screenings.

In the case of historic productions each would still need to be licensed accordingly, requiring producers to have key actors agree to further repeats (with relevant loadings). However the new deal has set up in-principle agreements and a framework to work within.

Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner tells TV Tonight, “The new ATRRA allows drama programs made from now on to be used and re-licensed in a much more flexible way.

“Programs made in the past are of course subject to the original contracts that were signed between performers and producers under the old model. However the new framework that we have announced provides for an agreed framework by which performers may agree to a variation in their original contracts to better allow for re-use.

“The key is that all performers on a particular show will need to do this in order to receive the benefit.”

So don’t expect classic soaps to begin hitting your screens overnight, but if networks, producers and actors wanted to rerun specific shows, they now have a road map that could make it happen much faster.


  1. Any chance we could see the sullivans or cop shop or even a country practice back on our screens? If this means that the actors from these shows and others will earn money from the re-runs, then that is a possitive thing isn’t it? 7two could show a country practice or cop shop, nine could show young doctors or sullivans etc on 9 gem etc. Just a thought.

  2. Would love to see some of the classic old Australian mini- series such as Against The Wind, Rush and especially Ben Hall.
    Don’t know if the latter even still exists anymore though…

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