Bumped: Top Gear

Blame Chris Evans for the latest bomb as Nine moves quickly on struggling revamp.


Nine has moved swiftly on Top Gear after a dismal reception last night in Sydney and Brisbane.

The show drew a combined total of 161,000 in 2 cities, including Nine flopping from first to fourth place in its Sydney timeslot.

Nine has quickly bumped the series to GO! from next week, to be replaced by first-run RBT in Sydney and Brissy.

Viewers in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will still see the series premiere episode tonight (just so they can see how bad Chris Evans is) but then it’s a goner.  Next week those cities will endure World’s Best Commercials in the Thursday timeslot. The upside is Footy Show will be back to 8:30 in all cities.

Top Gear will now air on GO! 8pm Mondays from next week.

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  1. No surprise about its worldwide failure. The BBC failed to understand why the previous trio made the show successful. So many folk predicted this massive fail and yet highly paid execs arrogantly failed to see it……as for ch9, I think they paid $$$ to get it away from SBS as it was hitting the comm chs quite hard with its 1mil plus audience

  2. I watched a little bit of it tonight (SA). It was alright I guess. Wasn’t huge on the original though as I though it “jumped the shark” years ago. Kind of found Matt LeBlanc more annoying than Chris Evans, only just though. They will pull the plug after season 2 (you know what I mean). It wasn’t really the show, it was the hosts who hosted it.

  3. Nine could at least play it on Go! in the Monday slot where they currently have old TG repeats. Not that it concerns me, I watched on BBC Knowledge – as you said David, those that wanted to watch probably have.

  4. World’s Best Commercials. So, 20 mins of commercials Nine gets paid to run plus 40 mins of commercials Nine pays to run (on the belief that this program is not FOC, or is it?).

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