Dancing with the Stars now “unlikely” for 2016


Seven appears to have crossed Dancing with the Stars off its 2016 dance card, but may yet revive it in the future.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, the network is “Still working through the casting for the next series,” but it is “Unlikely that it will screen in 2016.”

At last year’s Upfronts Seven announced the series as returning, but earlier this year Director of Programming Angus Ross noted, “I would suggest, as it is every year, the return of Dancing with the Stars is dependent on the cast you can get together as to whether it would return this year or not.”

With the addition of the Olympics this year Seven is already looking at a busy second half. There is already chatter about a shorter X Factor on the way.

But this could be the first year since 2004 for the ballroom spectacle not to feature.


  1. Well with the Olympics on and along with the X factor and Zumbo I’m not sure how they would fit DWTS in. Bring it back next year and they can get Olympic champions on. Either Campbell sister would be great on it.

  2. I think this is win-win for 7. As others have stated, the break/refresh will do DWtS nothing but good. There should be more anticipation for it in 2017. Yet, it’s unlikely to hurt their overall ratings figures in the back half of this year.

  3. After the Olympics, 7 has more shows to come like Zumbo and TXF. If DWTS was put into place in October and aired against TXF, then this would result in overkill for 7. Time for a rest. Seven needs to find other formats.

  4. Probably a good idea to have a break. There is clearly still life in the format though. Seven seem to have quite a bit of local production left on the shelf anyhow, its Nine and Ten that have a lack of Aussie content right now!

  5. a long break will be good for the show, but if they axe it completely a rival network would pick it up immediately, and ruin it forever.

    7 should have rested AGT for 2013 instead of axing it, it still had life in it, it just couldn’t compete with The Voice in 2012. but they allowed 9 to swoop in and turn it into crap and now it definitely does not have a future. hopefully they dont let the same happen.

    Luke Jacobs should host and the cast does not necessarily have to be A listers, but they need to be entertaining and interesting.

  6. I think a year off could help this, there is defo still life in it, but I think it really needs a new host, keep Eddie but find someone else, preferably a younger male host that she has at least some chemistry with…

  7. I still think there is a place for this at the end of the year where it wouldn’t be up against strong competition like in 2014 where it was crucial in giving Seven substantial wins from Sept-Nov of that year.

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