Former hosts to celebrate 20th anniversary of Recovery


Former Recovery hosts Dylan Lewis and Jane Gazzo will mark the 20th anniversary of the ABC music show with a rage special.

Recovery aired on ABC Saturday mornings from 1996 to 1998.

The Herald Sun reports a stage version is also in development, while the hosts have called for a similar program to return to ABC.

“It was a such a milestone, cult show. It had incredible reach, power and influence,” said Gazzo.

Lewis added: “It’s well and truly time for a show like Recovery to be present on our televisions — with us would be best, but even without us, it needs a spot. There are no shows on TV for bands to play or promote their music.”

The rage special is expected on the weekend of July 31st.


  1. Recovery actually was on air until April 2000. Hopefully Angus Sampson, Sarah MacDonald and Leigh Whannell will be included in the “rage” special. I liked that the program included episodes of Monkey Magic and supported Australian music.

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