Futurama live: cool fan-made trailer

This trailer for a fan-made film is serious fun....

How cool is this trailer for a fan-made Live action Futurama film?

This elaborate trailer is for an unofficial film that will be released online (date to be determined).

On their Fan-O-Rama website the creators address some FAQs:

Q: Why Futurama?

A: No other show/movie/breakfast cereal offered the complex combination of characters, story, setting, and creative breadth that would allow us to explore the uniqueness of the human condition and societal mores and social structures pertinent to our modern sensibilities while also featuring a creepy lobster-squid monster.

Q: When will it be released?

A: When it’s done. Seriously, we have way too much love for Futurama to not at least try to do the best we can. If we fail, fine. But damn it, we’re going to go down swinging!

Q: How did you make <fill in the blank>?

A: First, we designed it with an attempt to bridge the gap between the cartoon and realism. Next, we made a few prototypes, slowly ironing out issues as we went. Eventually we were able to get the functionality we required without losing the aesthetics we sought. Lastly, we made the final pieces combining the technology in accordance with Dan’s desires and the performers’ requirements.

Q: Why didn’t you do everything with CGI?

A: It all comes down to Dan’s desire to use time-honored practical effects, plus Dan won’t upgrade his PC so we can actually run the proper software to do CGI. He claims he doesn’t want to lose his high score in Rogue.

Q: How many people were required to operate the Bender puppet?

A: As many as nine people controlled our favorite robot. The head alone needed four puppeteers.

Q: Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for twisting our beloved cartoon into this monstrosity?

A: Every day.

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