Gallery: Seven News Gold Coast launch

Earlier this week Seven execs joined the all-new Seven News team on the Gold Coast.


On Monday Seven Chairman Kerry Stokes and Seven Group Holdings CEO Ryan Stokes joined network CEO Tim Worner and Seven Queensland General Manager Ben Roberts-Smith for the launch of Seven News on the Gold Coast.

Presenters Rod Young, Katie Brown and Paul Burt were joined by production staff, ahead of a timeslot win with a 49,000 average viewers, ahead of Nine News Gold Coast with 34,000 average viewers.



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    1. As I understand it Seven Gold Coast has moved “The Chase Australia” to 4.30 pm to accommodate Local News at 5.30 pm and Seven News (1 hour) at 6.00 pm. I would like to see them replicate this for the Sunshine Coast. At the moment Seven edits the main news to 30 minutes which, discounting sport & weather, gives us about four stories over 12 minutes. Thankfully, being retired, I am able to watch a decent block of news from 4.00 to 5.00 pm.

      1. If you don’t like the news service provided on one channel why don’t you flick over to another. WIN has an unedited hour long Ten Eyewitness News at 5:00, WIN local news at 6:00, and The Project at 6:30. Even before the changes last week you would have had 9’s hour long news at 6:00 then WIN local news at 7:00.

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