Kathy Bates in Netflix sitcom

Kathy Bates will star in Disjointed, a sitcom about pot from Chuck Lorre.


Kathy Bates will star in a new sitcom from producer Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men) for Netflix.

Disjointed will star Bates (American Horror Story) as a lifelong advocate for the legalisation of pot, who’s finally living her dream as the owner of an L.A.-area cannabis dispensary. Joining her are three “budtenders”, her twenty-something son and a deeply-troubled security guard. All of them are more or less “constantly high.”

The script is co-written by Lorre and David Javerbaum (The Daily Show) as a half-hour multi-cam comedy. It has been ordered straight to series, with an initial order of 20 episodes, produced by Warner Bros. Television.

Source: EW.com

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  1. The last thing Netflix needs is to make a generic pile of shite like NCIS or Greys Anatomy. TVf if that’s what you’re looking just buy DVDs or try Presto/Stan. There’s thousands of generic mediocre dramas and comedies out there, just need to know where to look

    1. At the risk of repeating myself I didn’t say netflix shouldn’t do niche original programming I simply indicated I would also like to see some more mainstream normal original titles. I doubt that shows like lady dynamite, the ranch, flaked would drive new or returning subscribers like more normal programming such as new eps of gilmore girls. Even amazon streaming gave us cop drama bosch which I watched on sbs and I don’t see anything like that on netflix. Being able to find shows elsewhere is irrelevant and shouldn’t prevent a person giving an opinion on that service or stating the kind of shows that would give them reason to subscribe to that service.

  2. Not another oddball show or another oddball show including drugs on netflix. Why can’t they create some normal tv originals. Don’t they realise that us aussie’s have to put up with poor treatment of us dramas on free to air and would like an alternative like netflix to watch normal us dramas.

      1. There are a few non netflix US dramas on netflix but not lots. Normal tv shows are simply the regular hospital dramas, cop shows or relationship dramas you see on tv. Like your greys, ncis & chicago’s. They don’t make netflix originals like those. The last few months its been new oddball show after another like love, flaked, the ranch, lady dynamite. These aren’t mainstream their oddball you wouldn’t see that on mainstream tv. I do concede that in streaming there will be shows that wouldn’t air on mainstream but there is an audience for mainstream drama and netflix isn’t filling that gap with its originals. I think that’s because their US audience has easy accessibility to those title’s and they are not factoring in that other part’s of the world do not. Of the netflix originals that I’ve seen so far the only two I would get new subscription for would be jessica jones and…

        1. Fuller House is about as “normal” as TV gets. Don’t forget this is Chuck Lorre and multicam, so I don’t expect any of the edge that Weeds had. Netflix may lean towards serialised drama rather than self-contained storytelling due its binge aspect, but there’s still a good range of genres and styles.

          1. Do you get to read my full comment despite it being cut off? Cause the cut off version doesn’t mention fuller house.

            I don’t find shows about drugs appealing so its unlikely I will watch. There are certain shows that are not considered mainstream which I would give a go but I feel like netflix is falling too much into that oddball category with its originals and I would like to see some more mainstream options. The four titles I mentioned of new shows this year love, flaked, the ranch and lady dynamite would have obviously have a more narrow audience then say a greys, ncis or chicago’s just purely based on the kind of show they are. I just think there should be room for both and I’m not seeing enough mainstream in netflix originals.

        2. There are 150+ non-NF dramas incl. Suits, The Good Wife, House of Cards, The Blacklist, House, Homeland, Prison Break, Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Broadchurch, The Fall, Call the Midwife – all mainstream. It’s very subjective, what you call ‘oddball’ I say is brave, innovative, creative, original – if NF did a police/hospital procedural I’d be horrified! NF don’t need to fill a (non-existent) gap for mainstream drama because there is tons of it produced by the networks and they can can just buy the rights to them – which they do. A lot of US drama is stitched up by the networks here so once those contracts run out, NF might pick some more up. I think NF are more interested in pushing the envelope rather than doing the same thing the US networks have been doing for years and given how popular NF is, their audience is happy with that approach.

          1. House of cards is netflix. Shows like House and prison break ended a few years back so it doesn’t fit into a discussion about new netflix content. Netflix had said themselves they are focusing more on originals than buying content from other studios so you can’t rely on them buying content elsewhere. Netflix will always require a lengthy wait for non original content so their original content is the only content you will see in a timely manner and most of that is niche. No ones saying netflix can’t deliver innovative content but you still need to appeal to a broad market and having a bunch of niches shows that appeal to a particular niche audience doesn’t achieve that. You can have a legal, police, hospital, relationship drama that doesn’t have to be procedural or niche but can be somewhere in between and doesn’t need to include drugs.

          2. At the risk of generalising, almost every issue-based adult drama series has a basis in police / legal / medical. Melodramas and history are probably the exception. Netflix has plenty of comedies on offer that aren’t drug-related, which is where the topic started.

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