Kettering Incident launches to 115,000


Monday’s premiere of new Foxtel drama The Kettering Incident launched to 115,000 viewers across two episodes.

It was the top entertainment title on Subscription TV on Monday.

The numbers are for the first broadcast only -Showcase has a +2 channel and it will screen in repeat as well as via Anytime, Timeshifted and online plays.

While 115,000 is overshadowed by Game of Thrones (371,000) , it was well ahead of the Secret City finale (68,000) and last week’s Wentworth (84,000).

On social media Kettering also drew plenty of praise from hooked viewers.


  1. Me too. Not sure why I was underwhelmed a tad – still good and had a BBC feel of complexity about it and will watch again but did not hook me in as much as I thought it would.

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