MasterChef, Offspring top Demos.

Ratings: TEN is best in entertainment stakes, Tour de France lifts SBS, but Nine wins Wednesday.


Once again TEN led in primary channel share but was pipped at the post by multichannels elsewhere, this time from Nine.

MasterChef and Offspring both won their timeslots (and topped the Demos), although the latter dipped on last week by 186,000.

Seven News won the news battle, with Home and Away leading at 7pm.

Mad as Hell remained in front of the final Chaser while Tour de France helped SBS to lift their share.

Nine network won with 25.7% then Seven 25.2%, TEN 22.6%, ABC 18.7% and SBS 7.8%.

Nine News was best for Nine with 992,000 / 932,000 then A Current Affair (799,000), David Attenborough’s The Hunt (692,000) and Hot Seat (519,000). The AFL Footy Show was 272,000 in 3 cities and the NRL Footy Show was 216,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (1.16m / 1.05m) led for Seven followed by Home and Away (825,000), The Chase (671,000 / 412,000), Criminal Minds (550,000) and Border Security: International (532,000 in 4 cities / 435,000 in 3 cities). Wimbledon drew 303,000.

MasterChef Australia was #1 with 1.17m viewers. Offspring drew 779,000. The Project was 742,000 / 544,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 522,000 and Madam Secretary was just 196,000.

ABC News (824,000), 7:30 (726,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (677,000), The Chaser’s Election Desk (655,000), QI (545,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (426,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Byzantium: The Tale of Three Cities (274,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (223,000), Tour de France (147,000) and SBS World News 131,000.

ABC2’s Peter Rabbit hopped to the top of multichannels on 276,000.

Today: 295,000
Sunrise: 292,000
ABC News Breakfast: 115,000 / 55,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 July 2016


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  1. Last weeks Offspring episode was fantastic, last night not so much.

    It’s still smashing Ch 7 & Ch 9’s efforts (Winners & Losers and Love Child), even though its the oldest show…

    TEN care about key demos & that’s what they’re dominating! Winning shares is just a big bonus 🙂

    Great to see MasterChef taking out the #1 spot too

  2. Let’s not forget that Ten are currently killing it in the 3 key demos being number one network thanks mostly to Masterchef way in front of everything else while ELEVEN shows frequently fill most of the top 5 spots for demos for digital channels. Overall people is not everything!

    Like Ten said they are focusing on the channels they have rather than introducing another channel which would dilute the audience further.

    1. Exactly correct. Advertisers don’t want to see the audience diluted further from the main channel they pay for time on, TEN. To advertisers, “overall people” and “network share” mean nothing.

  3. It’s getting a little déjà vu every morning now with the multichannel issue Ten have. They really need to do something to capitalise on their main channel domination. It’s too late now though with Masterhef wrapping up shortly…

  4. I must say I’m a little disappointed in this season of Offspring. It seems to be rather disjointed and Nina is ditzier than ever, she was really annoying me in last night’s episode, dithering around. You’re overdoing it Asher !

    I’ll stick with it, but I really think it’s has lost its mojo.

    1. I have to agree about being a little disappointed with the season of offspring. It just doesn’t seem quite right. Whilst there are good bits there are times when it is disjointed and you can tell that its someone else writing the show. It irks me that there has been no mention at all of what’s happened to nina’s biological father considering he became a big part of her life. Also going a whole episode and not mentioning mick once was strange. A person doesn’t have to appear in the show to make their presence known. Its like he doesn’t really exist. Mick seemed more important in previous seasons when they weren’t together than now when they are. In saying that I watched the episode live and it kept my attention but I’m starting to wonder whether its nostalgia of previous seasons keeping my attention or current storylines.

    2. I actually still enjoy the show. If I had to nominate an annoying character, I would say Nina’s mother. What a hypocrite with the way she reacted to her late husband’s affair. How about the way she handled the secret of Nina’s biological father? I still recall that she was sulking in her room when the secret was revealed. I still can’t stand her…I know it’s just a show but I have invested my emotions into this show. 🙂

    1. While I do enjoy Bob’s Burgers, I do agree that it is not cutting it.

      I feel a safe bet would be to get international editions of their programs (I know that US Survivor and US Bacholor is tied to 9 but they could get say, the New Zealand edition or British editions of those programs)

      1. They need to have their multichannels offering consistant array of programs. One minute How l met your mother then next Bondi Tattoo. They would have enough Stockpile of programs to offer an all comedy series channel, crime or even a retro TV. So when l turn on that a channel l what to expect. It won’t happen as they all love to have encores of primary channel airings

        1. Love the idea of an all comedy channel or Retro TV. As mentioned elsewhere, Retro Aus TV would be great to see so many old shows – not just drama’s,,, that they never play anymore…….

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