Mr. Robot gets early US release, but geo-blocked fans asking for revolution


USA Network has surprised American fans of Mr. Robot with the release of its Season Two premiere online, three days ahead of its TV premiere.

The first of two opening episodes is available on its website plus Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat via the Buzzfeed Discovery Channel and the show’s YouTube Channel.

But the move has also incensed fans in other countries who can’t see the episode due to geo-blocking.

Given the show’s theme about a global revolution and democracy hacking, that’s led to plenty of sarcastic rebuffs on Twitter:

“It won’t play in my country. C’mon aren’t we all supposed to be hacked?”

“Blocked in my country. No revolution here!”

“This is not acceptable. Where is Fsociety when you need them?”

“It’s blocked in Peru.”

“Let me watch it in Brazil!”

“@whoismrrobot this is bullshit”

“All videos of the channel are blocked for my country, Colombia, what do I do now?”

Australia is also geo-blocked from viewing (naturally), but it will be fast-tracked with a double episode this Thursday on Presto.

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  1. I wonder what the incentive was to do that? It’s already so highly anticipated I wouldn’t have thought they’d be any need to early release as a way to get the audience back in for season 2.

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