Nine reaches regional WA agreement with WIN / Prime

Nine is back on the air in regional WA after two days of looped videos.


Good news for viewers in Regional WA with Nine reaching agreement with WIN Television and Prime for West Digital Television.

A deal was reached last night following two days of a stalemate.

The agreement covers Nine, GO and GEM. Last night programming resumed during the election coverage at around 7:30pm WST, ending looped scenic videos.

The outcome follows Communications Minister Mitch Fifield yesterday saying, “The government is disappointed that the Nine Network and West Digital Television have been unable to reach agreement to date, resulting in viewers in regional and remote Western Australia currently unable to access Nine Network programs.

“The government urges both parties to continue to work hard to resolve this negotiation as soon as possible.

There were also reports Prime  and WIN were in talks with alternative content providers yesterday, but that has now been averted.

What isn’t clear is which side blinked in the Mexican stand-off over affiliate fees.

But at least there was some good news from last night…

Updated: WIN / Prime statement:
“West Digital Television has entered into an agreement with the Nine Entertainment Company to broadcast Nine, GEM and GO programming to regional Western Australia. The broadcast of all three signals will resume across regional Western Australia effective immediately.”

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