Rake with the balance of power on Thursday

Ratings: So it's really Cleaver Greene who holds the balance of power? TEN tops Demos but Seven wins Thursday.


Did the writers of Rake know something we didn’t?

Last night the show depicted Australia with a hung Parliament -and the PM calling Cleaver Greene who now holds the balance of power. Leaving its options open for more rollicking tales, the show concluded with 559,000 viewers -second in its timeslot- and well ahead of the Cleverman finale.

MasterChef and Shark Tank both won slots for TEN, including top results in the Demos, but a hefty switch-off thereafter impacted on network share.

The Chase is firing for Seven, while AFL in 2 cities helped out considerably for Seven. ACA won for Nine.

Seven network won with 32.3% then Nine 23.1%, TEN 20.2%, ABC 16.7% and SBS 7.6%.

Seven News (1.02m / 901,000) was best for Seven then The Chase (717,000 / 442,000), Home and Away (650,000 in 4 cities) and AFL (467,000 in 2 cities). World’s Most Extreme was 372,000 in 3 cities.

Nine News was 1.02m / 926,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (856,000), RBT (607,000) and Hot Seat (560,000). Movie: Ghost drew 344,000.

MasterChef (952,000) led for TEN. The Project was 586,000 / 473,000, Shark Tank drew 580,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 545,000. An Offspring replay drew just 153,000.

ABC News (832,000), 7:30 (635,000), Rake (559,000), QI (431,000), Antiques Roadshow (312,000) and Cleverman (232,000).

On SBS it was World’s Best Diet (256,000), Poh and Co. (205,000), Tour de France (174,000) and SBS World News (165,000).

Shaun the Sheep sure loves multichannels with 255,000 best on ABC2.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 7 July 2016.

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  1. SBS Food Network channel ratings seem to rise when a season of Mystery Diners is on. The dramatization is so wooden it’s laughable. Thieves Inc.(about store security) & Pizza Masters(sampling pizzas across USA) have also caught my attention. They’re the only shows I watch on that channel.

    1. I’m so glad someone else is enjoying the awfulness of Mystery Diners! That stilted exposition is riveting. The Dorothy Dixers to the clients, to encourage more stilted exposition. The huge buildup to the confrontation with the offending staff members, and then a disappointing damp squib firing. Definitely so bad it’s good.

  2. God i’m so sick to death of Ten”s programming for SVU!! 2 weeks ago they say “We’ll be back in 2 weeks” so 2 weeks passes and what’s on? Bloody Offspring repeat!! Sometimes it feels like Ten are letting the work experience kids determine the schedule

    1. TEN still has about 4 eps. of S17 which aired in USA in May to play. No idea why they took 2 weeks break yet still had it listed in their EPG, even when Offspring repeat ( Yes Repeat – Not Encore!) was playing. Ridiculous things were 1) The program aired the previous night, 2) No one knew about the repeat, 3) Anyone who missed it and really wanted to see it would have it on the PVR). Whatever weird logic was used cost TEN the night.

    2. i agree with you Ryan. i was so angry that Offspring was on- i waited and then no Law&OrderSVU (My Favourite Show). they said on twitter a few days before please joining a new law and order svu ep on 7July on Win.
      the episode of SVU that was suppose to be on last night- they better show that next wk.

  3. While I am yet to catch up on the last few episodes, I hope Shark Tank returns. Put it back in a midweek slot, as it seemed to perform better there than getting caught in the crowd of Sunday night. And also, for the love of God, stick to one slot!! Here’s what we had…Sunday 9pm, Wed 8.30 (840-50 really), Wed & Thurs 8.30, Thurs 9.30 (after extended Masterchef).

      1. Another series that has lost me…as I will not do the chase the program dance….*sad*….but I don’t want to work that hard…
        I remember the days when you could set your watch by what program was on and when…….

  4. I watched the special Compass episode last night, titled Code of Silence. A fascinating insight into an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community in Melbourne. Recommend watching it on IView for those interested.

  5. WIN/TEN had Law and Order SVU in the EPG for 9.55 so I sat through Shark Tank so I could watch it, but they aired an encore of Offspring instead. Do you know if/when Law & Order will be back?

    1. Unfortunately I received no advice SVU was out. I have noted in the past that Late changes are unsatisfactorily advised from TEN, so I am awaiting a fix in order to return TEN shows to the Programming section. It’s taking far too long!

      1. It cost them the number 1 channel position doing so. I mean if someone missed it and you want to give them a chance to watch it, at least advertise it. It’s actually a disgusting thing all commercial networks do with their constant encores, leaving viewers of a show hanging (SVU), I don’t watch it anymore but its no wonder people do turn to illegal downloads. You patiently wait for it to be slow tracked and its still moved from the schedule 9 hours prior once the overnights were released to make way for Encores.

  6. im so angry with TEN. they had on their tv guides after SharkTank that Law and Order SVU was going to be on- now that’s my favourite show, so I’m getting ready to watch SVU but it turns that had a replay of Offspring on instead- what the. Ten Please explain,

  7. For a Thursday night… Against a good AFL game… With a big Melbourne team…

    MasterChef still beat the AFL in Melbourne.

    Ten will be poking their tongue at Seven 😛

    1. Isn’t that AFL number for 7.30-10.30pm?? I would have thought so but still good numbers for Masterchef, even if its against very little competition….

  8. “hefty switch-off thereafter” happened at this house too. Whilst the EPG showed “L&O SVU” “Offspring” appeared. No promotion, no explanation. 153,000 for a primetime rerun of a show from the previous night. Surprised it got that many, in the era of EPGs for anyone who missed it.
    Who makes these weird programming decisions? Even beaten by SBS.

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