Ratings race heating up the week


Seven can thank its multichannels from dragging it from third-ranked primary channel, to the top network last night, with particular thanks to UK shows like The Vicar of Dibley and Murdoch Mysteries. 

For the first time this week Nine’s primary channel topped the night, with thanks to NRL and ACA.

TEN topped the entertainment shows with The Bachelor, down slightly on its premiere whilst The Checkout‘s return boosted ABC considerably in the 8pm slot.

But the real battle is much bigger than one night. TEN is on track to win in primary channels this week. It’s also well-placed to nab second spot in network share unless Nine can make some big gains on Friday and Saturday.

Seven network won Thursday with 26.6% then Nine 25.2%, TEN 23.9% and SBS 7.7%.

Seven News was #1 for Seven on 1.05m / 973,000 then Home and Away (668,000), The Chase (626,000 / 400,000) and Surveillance Oz (474,000 / 460,000). The Big Bang Theory was 325,000 / 301,000 and Dynamo: Magician Impossible was 272,000.

Nine News led for Nine with 1.00m / 949,000 then A Current Affair (815,000) and Hot Seat (517,000).  NRL was 369,000 in 2 cities, World’s Best Commercials was 309,000 in 3 cities and The Footy Show was 299,000 in 3 cities.

The Bachelor topped TEN with 824,000. The Project drew 632,000 / 444,000, TEN Eyewitness News pulled 506,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 504,000 / 365,000.

ABC News (771,000), 7:30 (660,000), The Checkout (602,000), New Blood (388,000), Antiques Roadshow (279,000) and Barracuda (108,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Eating History: Italy (220,000), Roots (202,000) and SBS World News (139,000).

ABC2’s Shaun the Sheep topped multichannels with 317,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 July 2016 


  1. Either way, TEN’s happy, as the SMH reported today – TEN increases share of advertising to highest level since 2012.
    Channel TEN has increased its share of commercial television advertising revenue to 25.2 per cent, returning to a figure last seen in 2012 before disasters such as Being Lara Bingle and The Shire dragged down ratings and revenues. TEN’s share of revenue fell as low as 20.1 per cent in early 2014 but has increased steadily since then.
    Successes like MasterChef, The Bachelor and The Project have helped TEN boost ratings, and analysts say the network’s revenue share now better reflects its share of television audiences.
    Seven currently has a 39.2 per cent share of the revenue pie, and Nine 35.6 per cent. They used to be much closer with Seven having 40.4 per cent of revenues in mid-2014 and Nine 39.2 per cent. TEN’s recent gains have been at the expense of Nine.

    • Yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. They’ve done another great job with casting, we’ve got a very wide spectrum of woman this year ranging from 13 year old in an adult’s body who probably believes fairies a real, right through to the mandatory queen B! You do have to wonder if some of them are actors, but I don’t care as it’s fun to watch regardless.

  2. Bear in mind, Ten is usually weak on Friday and Saturday, especially the latter. Wasn’t Ten’s primary channel behind SBS last Saturday 23 July? I am speculating that Seven is likely to win but it may be close between Nine and Ten vying for the second spot.

  3. If Seven and Nine weren’t so dominant in news it would be a totally different ball game. If only Ten had that same lead-in numbers to their prime time shows.

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