Returning: Top Gear (just don’t mention Chris Evans)

Nine's EPG listing for revamped Top Gear will make no mention of its co-host who quit last week.


The revamped Top Gear will make its way to Nine next week, following its run on BBC Knowledge.

But Nine’s EPG listing will make no mention of failed host Chris Evans, who quit the show last week after a barrage of criticism:

In an all new Top Gear, join new host funny man and petrol head Matt LeBlanc. With a new-look Top Gear headquarters at the familiar Top Gear Test Track, along with automotive adventures from around the world, along with familiar features and, of course, The Stig.

But perhaps that’s because Le Blanc is a better-known brand, right?

It will premiere at 7:30pm Wednesday July 20 in Sydney & Brisbane doubled with The Footy Show.

Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth viewers can catch it 24 hours later, paired with the AFL edition.

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  1. Can’t comment on the last few years on ch9 as I watch them on BBC Knowledge, apparently Foxtel customers know Chris but FTA ones don’t? Yet another reason to have Foxtel but even there we get ads on channels like this.

    My bet is the Footy Show will start closer to 9pm regardless of what the program guides say.

      1. Nine defiantly edited sections out of last year’s episodes. Usually the news section and The Stig’s hot laps. Also Kiefer Sutherland’s lap was cut from the episode when they went to Australia. All these sections magically reappeared when they re-ran those episodes on Go

        1. Remember, there are (or were; dunno about the latest series) at least 4 different “edits” of TG distributed by the BBC – the full version shown new the UK, an edited version for repeats / Sky (most topical content that’d turn stale was edited out), the international version (which was shown on SBS, & was mostly the same as the UK edited version), and a 30 minute hackjob shown on BBC World.

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