Returning: Unforgettable


A few years ago US crime series Unforgettable was cancelled and renewed -not twice, but thrice- with episodes that have never screened in Australia.

Nine is dusting the series off the shelf for a Season 3 return from Sunday night.

The good news for any remaining fans that there are 26 episodes all up, over S3 (2014) and S4 (2015)

“New Hundred”
The Secret Service enlists Carrie and Al’s help when a murder investigation leads them to uncover a counterfeiting ring run by an assassin.

11:15pm Sunday on Nine, followed by Constantine.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I did love this show….but not sure I really want to invest again…simply do not trust Nine…their record …with me…and shows I have watched…is not all that good…very wary now….sadly.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Great news, this show has been shown in dribs & drabs over the years. Any word on when 9 is going to air the final season of Person Of Interest? It’s already finished airing in the US.

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