Seven, TEN eclipse Nine on Thursday.

Ratings: TEN takes primary channels for the third night in a row, but multichannels help Seven win.

MasterChef Australia-Season 8-Episode45-0

On the day that WIN Television turns on TEN in regional markets, Nine lands third in metro markets.

But the two are purely coincidental as there is no change to the OzTAM panel in 5 cities.

Thursday was the third night in a row TEN won the primary channels, thanks to MasterChef. 

But the strength of Seven’s multichannels pushed the network well in front of rivals, led by Seven News. 

Sport played a big part in proceedings with staggered schedules on both Seven and Nine. ABC titles including Kitchen Cabinet, Rake and Cleverman were down slightly on last Thursday.

Seven network won with 30.3% then TEN 23.4%, Nine 22.9%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 6.1%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.06m / 983,000 then The Chase (735,000 / 486,000), and Home and Away (645,000). AFL was 300,000 in 2 cities, Mighty Cruise Ships was  274,000 in 3 cities and Air Crash Investigations was 225,000 in 3 cities.

MasterChef Australia won its slot with 1.00m / 810,000 viewers for TEN. The Project was 603,000 / 436,000, TEN Eyewitness News (533,000) and Shark Tank was 452,000.

Nine News (1.02m / 922,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (740,000) and Hot Seat (601,000). NRL was 316,000 in 2 cities, RBT was 246,000 in 3 cities, and Movie: The Negotiator was 182,000 in 3 cities.

On ABC it was ABC News (770,000), Rake (560,000), 7:30 (556,000), Kitchen Cabinet (458,000), Antiques Roadshow (305,000) and Cleverman (217,000).

Fat v Sugar (240,000), Poh and Co. (194,000), SBS World News (171,000) and Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca (123,000) comprised SBS night. Follow the Money was 80,000.

Shaun the Sheep (267,000) couldn’t be budged as best on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 30 June 2016.

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  1. David. Shouldnt tens info be above nine as they came second not third and shouldnt masterchef read 1m/ 800k for masterclass because it looks like the project was the next best when it wasnt

  2. Excellent numbers for The Chase. Seven seem to have finally found their rhythm in this timeslot. The game’s format is key. On Hot Seat, there are maybe 15-20 questions per show. On The Chase, you get that many before the first ad break. And no waiting until after the commercials to find out the answer.

    1. I hear what you are saying and I thought it was a close call. But Heather also failed the colour brief and clearly the quality was a disaster, so I agreed with the outcome. For the record Heather was one of my 2 favourites

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