Tassie on the air, but no deal for WA.

Updated: Nine expresses disappointment that all offers rejected, WIN & Prime will continue to try and reach agreement with Nine.


Nine yesterday reached a last-minute deal for Tasmanian viewers to continue to view shows, but late night negotiations could not reach a deal for regional Western Australia.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield is understood to have interrupted campaigning to check on negotiations, mindful of screens going black a day before the election.

The Australian reports TDT, a joint venture operated by WIN Corporation and Southern Cross Austereo agreed to pay just under 20 per cent of its TV revenues to Nine.

The agreement ensured programming could continue after a midnight deadline last night.

Negotiations between Nine and a joint venture operated by WIN and Prime Media Group in regional Western Australia, called Western Digital Television, continued late into the night but could not reach agreement. Western VAST satellite services have also not been advised.

Last night WIN began screening looped video of east coast scenery in WA.

A Nine spokesperson said in a statement, “Nine is disappointed that audiences in regional WA will be unable to receive our programming after the licence holders in that region, WIN and Prime, rejected all offers to find a reasonable negotiated agreement despite Nine concluding new program supply agreements for all other regional licence areas across the country.

“The only beneficiaries of this situation are Prime and WIN, who will now broadcast their signals in Regional WA with no real competition from West Digital Television (their joint venture and the holder of the third commercial television broadcasting licence in Regional WA). This is at odds with the purpose of the licence which West Digital Television has been granted and a terrible disservice to their audience.

“There will also be less options for advertisers in the region and no ability for local advertisers seeking to reach consumers in Regional WA in association with Nine’s top ratings programs such as The Voice, Love Child, the Today show and Nine’s nightly news.”

Nine said WA viewers could still access content by downloading the 9Now App to watch our programs live or on catch up.

Without Nine programming in regional WA, it isn’t clear if those viewers are set for more looped videos or classic reruns from the Crawfords Productions library.

Nine, Southern Cross, TEN, WIN: affiliate changes

Update: Joint statement from WIN and Prime:

“PRIME Media Group and WIN Corporation have, over the past couple of weeks, worked in good faith with the Nine Entertainment Company to negotiate the terms of a program affiliation agreement for the joint venture, West Digital Television, from 1st July 2016 onwards. Unfortunately, the parties were not able to reach an agreement by the deadline. As a result all Nine, GEM and GO programming ceased to be broadcast in regional Western Australia from midnight last night (WST). PRIME Media Group and WIN Corporation will endeavour to work with Nine Entertainment Company over the coming days to reach an agreement to resume the broadcast of Nine, GEM and GO as soon as possible for the viewers of regional Western Australia.”

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  1. I was very shocked after midnight where viewers have no programs on West Digital TV as WIN switched to TEN. I hope that Prime/WIN might strike a Channel 9 deal soon.

  2. Nine here in Tas did have a solid 45 mins of an advertising loop from midnight (well, al little before) of Today, ACA, The Voice, The Block, Millionaire Hot Seat, The Hunt, NRL Footy Show and RBT (I think that was it) before moving onto actual programming.

  3. In Tasmania I had to rescan all the channels, although we were told we wouldn’t have to. I also have two of some channels: ONE! (With the exclamation mark) on 81 and ONE (no !) on 86. I am refraining from setting my Favourites until all the dust has settled. I don’t watch anything at all on Mainland Channel 9 but I do watch Go! And GEM, so glad to have them. My friends and I were slightly beastly careless as we have The Stan, The Netflix and Apple TV as well as the apps for each station. First world problems I know, but we thought we could forge ahead regardless!!!

  4. A Current Affair, Ultimate Airport Dubai, some movies from last century – the people of WA aren’t missing out on much. I’m sure that they’ll be rushing to use up their internet quota on that load of garbage.

  5. Funny how the WIN/Prime joint venture statement makes no reference to 9Life. It’s like they’re not even trying to hide the fact that they have no plans to broadcast the channel now that WIN is a primary TEN affiliate.

  6. I found that I had to rescan all channels in order for their proper names to show, for instance ONE Tasmania is in fact 9 Gem, one I rescanned everything was right except that 9 HD did not have any picture only sound. I am pleased that they reaqhed a deal.

  7. As at 0530 this morning the only transmissions on all 3 ex9 channels in the Pilbra are the looped location videos that 10 used when they started in the NT to fill vacant advertising space

      1. its 1300 local in the Pilbra and still no ex nine programming on Sth Cross. WIN is going well with the ex 10 stuff, and they have even put their WIN watermark on the main channel, but it is very funny to turn to GEM and watch Judging Amy still with the 11 watermark in place!!!

        1. It has the 11 watermark because it is 11, you may need to rescan to get your Tv to change the name from GEM to 11. I found the easiest thing was to restore everything except pvr to factory settings and retune, otherwise I was getting channels in the 300s and some missing altogether.

  8. Nine can’t claim poor me they created the problem by being dogmatic in their revenue grab from advertising. Good on the joint venture standing their ground. Nine Corp wants the whole cake…

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