TEN pushes Nine to third on Tuesday

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Here we go again. Last night TEN was the top rating primary channel, but Seven’s multichannels helped push them over the line.

But Nine landed in third place overall.

MasterChef topped the night, well ahead ahead of the return of Make You LOL specials and an earlier Britain’s Got Talent.

The return of Winners and Losers was modest at 585,000, fourth in its timeslot.

There was also still big interest in News & public affairs across the networks including for 7:30, A Current Affair and The Project.

Seven Network won with 25.9% then TEN 25.1%, Nine 22.9%, ABC 18.7% and SBS 7.4%.

Seven News drew 1.17m / 1.08m for Seven then Home and Away (825,000), Make You LOL (779,000), The Chase (729,000 / 462,000) and Winners and Losers (585,000). Kiss Bang Love finished on 248,000.

MasterChef was #1 for TEN with 1.17m viewers. NCIS was 724,000,  The Project was 702,000 / 511,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 589,000 and NCIS: LA was 488,000 / 279,000.

Nine News 1.07m / 1.02m was best for Nine then A Current Affair (900,000), Britain’s Got Talent (621,000) and Hot Seat (591,000). Arnie’s Greatest Ever Stunts was just 328,000.

ABC News (870,000), 7:30 (777,000), Catalyst (701000), How To Stay Young (641,000), Foreign Correspondent (472,000) and Antiques Roadshow (357,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great Continental Railway Journeys (320,000), Insight (210,000), SBS World News (173,000) and Dateline (167,000).

Octonauts remained best on multichannels with 237,000.

The Morning Show: 178,000 / 121,000
Today Extra: 171,000 / 113,000
Studio 10: 94,000 / 45,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 6 July 2016


  1. Why did Nine have a “Arnie” countdown special when they have just started showing 20 to 1?
    Do they really think we need more countdowns…
    They are seriously scrapping the bottom of the barrel for content.

  2. TasTVcameraman

    Winners and Losers and I thought that I was maybe the only one who thought it was rather weak. I thought it was or is going to be so predictable I wonder why they have even bothered. What Sophie flirting with the bar man while the main squeeze is out working or training, not a very respectable committed relationship.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I turned on SBS 30 @ 6pm and turned off when I went to bed after The Tour….
    Great Continental Railway Journeys is terrific…both if you love trains…and for the travel adventure….excellent series…I also mostly always enjoy Insight with Jenny Brockie and Dateline….

  4. Last nights episode of Winners and Losers was defo more loser than winner…. I know it has been a while since season 4, but what happened to Doug and Carla and also Sam?? I dont remember them making exits last season, and they were not even mentioned last night. The show has seriously lost its way and run its course which is a shame with how good it used to be…..

    • I think Doug and Carla moved to Brisbane (or similar) with Carla’s sister. But I couldn’t remember what happened to Sam? I don’t remember why Sophie had to change jobs either? It’s been so long and I just can’t remember.

      • Sophie quit her job when she decided to move to kenya in last season’s final and when she changed her mind she needed a new job. Not sure why she couldn’t get her old job back but I guess there wouldn’t be much point with doug, carla and sam no longer working there and they probably thought they could take the story in another direction.

        It was quite funny reading everyone’s varied response to what they think happened in the season final last year. The final episode of season 4 is on plus 7 if anyone wants a refresher.

    • W&L sadly lost its way a few seasons back but agree that last night’s ep was especially weak.
      A shame, as I have liked some of the characters, especially Virginia Gaye’s.
      Yes, I also wondered what happened to Sam….think I vaguely remember her moving back to the country with her boyfriend at the end of last Season..
      Doug and Carla moved interstate to Sydney, didn’t they?

    • In the final episode of last season of winners and losers Sam and Corey moved to South Australia with her new boyfriend cause he got a job there and Doug, Carla and Izzy decided to move to Sydney.

      The episode was ok nothing special. The first two seasons were the better seasons. Hasn’t been quite right since then. The biggest absence to the show is Bec. She was a part of the original 4 and I have no idea is she is returning for the final season but it hasn’t been quite right without her.

    • I think doug and Carla went to Singapore to be with Bec and….. Um the child, oh Harry. Was wondering about Carla’s sister but perhaps she went with them, seem to remember she is pregnant with their child, oh or did they all move to Sydney?

      Sam I’m not too sure about and was wondering the same thing. (Though the actress was on last weeks offspring). Sam might have gone to see her mum?

    • Sam moved to the country with her boyfriend as he got a new job and the teenage boy that she was looking after. Doug and Carla went with Izzy to Sydney as well as she they were having a baby together. And I am pretty sure Mr Gross went overseas to see the rest of the family. It was all in the finale of last year.

    • I wouldn’t go as far to say its a snooze fest but it just ok. I will stick it out regardless of what happens because its the final season.

  5. If TEN didn’t double up Shark Tank for a few weeks, they’d have another good rater to help the next few weeks. And hurry up with that multi-channel. Classic Australian drama during the day and new US content at night.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes. Have wanted a channel with classic Australian productions for years. Obviously each channel has their own shows but E Street, Richmond Hill, Perfect Match, It’s A Knockout. No remakes just classic eps. Love that idea.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I agree with all these replies…would love to see many of these shows repeated….
      Even showing No.96 and The Box…like Sevens repeats of its old soapies ….

      • Would be good if they had a crawfords and grundys channel also add some other shows like a country practice blue heelers police rescue etc ok i will stop dreaming now because its not going to happen

    • WIN owns the Crawfords library. I have noted in the past how residuals had proven to be a challenge. Also, most shows were 4:3 ratio which might be testing primetime viewers. But the interest is nice to hear.

  6. As a fan of Winners & Losers, I was very disappointed with last nights boring episode. If that is an indication of the rest of the season, then no wonder it is their last season. Totally cringeworthy.

        • harrypotter1994

          Totally agree. Unsure if it was because the lack of the Grosses or something else. Best part of the episode for me was the developing relationship between Frances and her biological father.

          • Yep would be great to see some classic aussie drama again. But I can only presume there are very little repeats of classic Aussie Drama on Multi channels as it would be too expensive due to actors royalty payments. I presume Foxtel get a way with Prisoner as there was no pay TV in Australia in the 1980’s when contracts were written. Any insights into this thinking David?

  7. Wow news is still strong across the board. Even Sky made the top 20 for programming from 4pm to 10pm, and news bulletins even doing well in the demos.

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