1. SBS food network channel has got me hooked on cooking shows I am watching Masterchef and liking it this year well done ten but someone at TEN needs to fix its breakfast lineup seriously Ten needs a breakfast show and live news between 6am and 9am now that I am watching thru WIN television it’s breakfast offering is lamo.

  2. I think 7 are showing arrogance again, by holding content until the Olympics. 10 Deserve the wins! Either 9 have nothing up their sleeve besides the Block and are too being disrespectful to hold off content. A 2 week break wouldn’t hurt most brands! Not everyone watches sport!?

  3. I watched winners before NCIS last night because winners started 5 minutes earlier. Winners was ok. This episode was better than last week but its just not right. Cause its the last season will continue.

    It was a good final episode of NCIS. Cause I wasn’t watching it at the time Ziva (wasn’t a fan of her character) left I didn’t know what happened between them but seeing Tony as a daddy was nice. I also thought they did a good job of reminding viewers of what happened between them a few seasons back. This acted as a refresher for consistent viewers and it was a good way of explaining things for those viewers who might be new to the show or dipped in and out over the years. I’ve seen when other shows revisit major storylines that happened a few seasons ago do it quite poorly and expect people to remember things without flashbacks or proper explanations. Overall it was a different…

    • Yeah, I never got into the Ziva thing either. Only watched it spasmodically when she appeared but came back to it when she left. I’ll miss “Tony” and also “Tony Senior”. Interesting to see how it goes next season.

  4. Congrats to Network Ten 🙂

    Been pushing to #1 for weeks now, only let down by multi-channels.

    MasterChef should have been around 1.2m (all things considered, but Ch 10 won’t care).

    NCIS near 900k… Astonishing.

  5. Can’t believe Seven thought there was anything “laugh”able about a toddler riding a bike down a hill, without a helmet, crashing head-first into a tree. youtube.com/watch?v=1Mo5JYUwXQs (Didn’t watch this crap, saw the clip in their promo).
    Well done again TEN, particularly winning the night overall with fewer channels than the others. Congratulations again. The scenery and settings in MasterChef – Wow.

    • I’m not one for these laugh out loud programs, but what could be funnier than a little shit crashing head first into a tree on a bike!?!?!
      Masterchef is really hitting its stride this week amazing locale…. Now if only we can get rid of Matt this week… Im over it being The Matt Show and not Masterchef

      • Matt has been the best and most consistent cook this season. I think a lot of people would stop watching if he doesn’t make it to the final.

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