The Flash: trailer

There are glimpses of masked-Aussies in the S3 trailer for The Flash.

There are glimpses (just!) of masked-Aussies Keiynan Lonsdale and Todd Lasance in the new trailer for The Flash.

At Comic-Con, Lonsdale said of his character, “He’s Kid Flash, so I tried to play him with a young, lighthearted cockiness to him that can sometimes be his downfall, but he’s just in a really good place mentally; he’s never felt more sure of himself.”

The third season picks up three months after Season 2.

The Flash airs in Australia on FOX8, a return date is yet to be confirmed.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what their doing with the characters in the “Flashpoint” universe.

    Also my guess is that FOX8 will return on Wednesday October 5 (keeping it Express From The US)

  2. Lets hope the Flash writers don’t get too confusing with all the alternate Earth’s, but I guess any newcomers to the show will struggle understanding the convoluted DC universe anyway.

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