The Friday Show: Keneally & Credlin


Former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and former Prime Ministerial Chief of Staff Peta Credlin will co-anchor a special edition of The Friday Show this on SKY News to examine the political aftershocks as they continue to unfold post-election.

Kristina Keneally said: “Since Saturday there’s been no shortage of analysis about what happened. But not everyone has sat front and centre, day in and day out, in a campaign making the big calls and fronting the voters. Peta and I have been there and done that. We hope our viewers put their feet up this Friday afternoon and join us for the fun as we take apart the campaigns from the inside out.”

Peta Credlin said: “”There’s a long way to go with Election 2016 and even more to be said about what happens after a government is formed in order to take on board the messages the Australian people sent their leaders last Saturday. Join us for the wash-up, mistakes and the opportunities.

From the chaos within the Coalition to the surprising ALP gains, the skilled political strategists from opposing sides of politics will bring viewers their unprecedented insider knowledge to dissect what went right and what went wrong.

As the fall-out from the election non-result continues and Australia awaits the decision on who will lead the nation, SKY News continues to track developments every step of the way with its unrivalled Live political coverage and commentary.

Friday July 8 at 4:00pm AEST on SKY News


  1. Janine Perrett (regular host of The Friday Show) said on Sky News yesterday she was going to the US for a few weeks, so I dare say there might be a few more “special editions” of her shows!

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