WA viewers of The Voice to miss Live vote


Nine viewers in Western Australia are being served a double body blow this weekend, first with regional viewers losing programming, and now viewers across the state will miss out on Live voting for The Voice semi final.

Voice viewers in South Australia and the Northern Territory will also be 30 minutes behind a Live vote.

Tomorrow night the 4 singers will proceed to the next stage, while another 4 will fight for 2 extra places. This will comprise a Live vote during the show which disadvantages viewers outside the AEST timezone.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight, they would post a message via The Voice app and @TheVoiceAu on Twitter.

“Because of the time difference, they won’t have yet seen the performances, but nonetheless they can still vote for their favourite artists. So WA, NT and SA viewers will still have the ability to vote even though they haven’t see the performances,” they said.

Nine is also not offering the show Live on 9NOW for viewers in those states to by-pass the delay.

Of course in Perth viewers are hooked on House Rules by a country mile anyway. At least there are no singers from WA, SA or NT left in the show, which could have seen lower fan votes.

Of the remaining 6 singers another vote will take place across the week to choose 4 for the Grand Final.

But the Grand Final is expected to entail another Live vote, potentially leaving viewers to wait for another prompt from The Voice app and Twitter.

Last week coach Ronan Keating telling a singer last week he should ignore Twitter.


  1. This really shows how out of touch free to air is. what harm could showing it live do it to rating .. People will watch seven news if they really want to .. Just be flexible and show it at 5 or 630 in SA/NT

  2. Never understood why they can’t simply start half an hour earlier in SA & NT – wouldn’t be hard.

    As for WA a 5pm start puts the show out of prime time for the first hour so maybe not in their best interest to play it live

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    “Nine viewers in Western Australia…”.

    C’mon, I think there’ll be more than that many watching in WA. Perhaps a couple of thousand. 😉

    I don’t watch so don’t care but it’s pretty pathetic that Nine’s solution is to say that people can vote without having seen the final performances. This is turning out to be a really great week for Nine with the kidnapping convictions, regional blackout, and now this.

  4. I noticed in the ad last week that it said live show 7pm and then AEST was added. I agree though they should just stream it live via the app.

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