ABC International announces commercial partnerships


ABC International has signed the Victorian government, Swisse vitamins and Monash University as commercial partners of its push into Asia, Australia Plus.

Likening the model as similar to BBC Worldservice, ABC International is a commercial operation and permitted under the ABC Act to partner with commercial organisations.

Whilst ABC International retains full editorial control, the move is notable under new Managing Director and former Google exec, Michelle Guthrie.

ABC International Chief Executive Officer, Lynley Marshall, said “ABC International has built a network of media partners across the region, extending the reach of Australia Plus content and establishing a valuable platform for presenting Australian stories.

“Partnering with a respected institution like Monash University, organisations like the Victorian State Government and Businesses such as Swisse, offer us enormous potential to showcase Australian life including education, tourism and business, to audiences in the region.”

Australia Plus Foundation Partners receive exclusive branding and advertising opportunities across all Australia Plus online platforms, digital and social media channels and Australia Plus TV; exposure through Windows on Australia media events with the ABC’s International media partners including Shanghai Media Group, Beijing TV, Singapore’s Mediacorp and Indonesia’s MNC and Detik.

Monash University, one of Australia’s leading international research and education institutions, the Victorian State government, one of the prime tourist destinations in Australia and Swisse Wellness, Australia’s leading natural health brand, are the first organisations to join Australia Plus as Foundation Partners. AustraliaPlus will build its strong presence in the region and develop its growing audience base through meaningful partnerships with Australian businesses aligned to the same purpose.

The Foundation Partnerships will see ABC International highlight the work of Monash, the Victorian state government and Swisse in their respective fields across its Australia Plus platforms and through Australia Plus’ media partner networks across Asia. Other partners will be announced in coming months.

Monash President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner AO said the partnership agreement with ABC International “gives Monash unprecedented exposure and reach in key Asia Pacific countries and assists us communicate the scale, scope and excellence of our research and education and our global impact.”

Victorian Government Trade Minister, Philip Dalidakis said: “this exclusive relationship with ABC International is a great opportunity for Victoria to showcase that we really do have ‘the best of everything’ – and grow our reputation as the innovation, trade, tourism, major events, food and fashion capital of Australia.”

Swisse chief executive Radek Sali said: “Our mission at Swisse is to make people around the world healthier and happier, and through this exciting partnership we will be able to take our message to a number of new regions and audiences.”

“It also gives us the opportunity to learn more about our different consumers needs, so as we launch into new countries we tailor our approach to suit.”

Australia Plus, ABC International’s multi-platform international media service, was launched in 2014 and is currently available to 190 million people across Asia and the Pacific via online, social media and TV, including to Indonesia, China, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Vietnam in languages including Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Tok Pisin.


  1. The original concept when funded by DFAT was to “grow our reputation as the innovation, trade, tourism, major events, food and fashion” country. Hopefully more state governments, tourism enterprises and educational facilities, etc., will now come on board. Good to see the new ABC MD getting things moving at Australia+. Don’t know that Swisse is a great partner however.

  2. timmydownawell

    Living in Asia, I was very surprised that Australia Plus airs virtual wall to wall AFL from Friday to Sunday. Who exactly is this channel aimed at? They don’t seem to carry any other sports (e.g. NRL) — not that I want to watch that either – so why the obsession with AFL? There’s just no point in tuning in on weekends.

    • They used to carry NRL but rights are no longer available due to Sky Pacific and Digicel. Australia Network used to carry a wider range of programming until Julie Bishop et al closed it down. Australia+ is now operated by ABC on a nothing budget.

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