After the Games…

Once the Olympics end, it's going to feel like February all over again.

Australian Survivor -Season 1-Episode1-0

Once the Olympics wrap viewers will be inundated with a swarm of new shows. It’s going to feel like February all over again come Monday August 22.

Strictly speaking the phrase “After the Olympics” (like that one we hear about the Tennis) can represent anything that screens before the end of November.

These airdates are confirmed:

The Block
7:30pm Monday August 22 Nine

Meet the Mavericks
10pm Tuesday August 23 ABC

Anh’s Brush with Fame
8pm Wednesday August 24 ABC

8:30pm Thursday August 25 TEN

9:30pm Thursday August 25 SBS

Birds Of A Feather
8:00pm Friday August 26 ABC

The Code
8:30pm Thursday September 1 ABC

Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia
8:30pm Thursday September 1 SBS

Who Do You Think You Are?
7:30pm Thursday September 13 SBS

Seven is tipped to screen Zumbo’s Just Desserts, from the makers of My Kitchen Rules, immediately following the Olympics. Depending on how many episodes per week are planned, it could go head to head with The Block. Throw in Australian Survivor, possibly twice a week, and there’s your early week battle right there.

But what else can we surmise from programming behaviour?

In addition to Survivor, TEN will likely screen new drama The Wrong Girl in place of Offspring, probably from late September. With the Bathurst 1000 held in October, it is the most likely time for the Brock miniseries to play. Expect The Bachelorette to follow the male equivalent and prop up the back end of the year.

800 Words may yet arrive before Winners and Losers ends (that’s tipped for late September), and Seven also has The Secret Daughter drama -it could be teased through the AFL finals or even Melbourne Cup. Seven also has Cannonball and The Great Big Music Quiz up its sleeve. Code Black and Mrs Brown’s Boys are also due soon, along with former STV episodes of Selling Houses Australia. Given The X Factor has Live shows in November, audition episodes shouldn’t be expected just yet. Cancel plans for Dancing with the Stars and the promised Sunday Night Take Away this year -they are out.

House Husbands will be back soon on Nine along with new action drama Hyde + Seek. House of Bond appears to be elbowed to 2017. We’re also due another Married at First Sight this year, but teasers were also shown to media buyers in a 2017 reel, so that’s somewhat unclear. Kate Langbroek and Cam Knight will peruse Aussie homes in Unreal Estate. It’s not clear whether Sex Ed, Prison: First & Last 24 Hours and Travel Guides are coming. Nobody has said boo about The Verdict‘s return but there are Thursday slots to fill once football ends.

Also coming on ABC this year, Upper Middle Bogan, Nowhere Boys, Broadchurch, Poldark, Wolf Hall, Howard on Menzies, Rosehaven, Streets of Your Town, Prisoner Zero, Humans, The Deep, You’re Skitting Me, Fancy Boy and Please Like Me. It’s not clear if David Stratton’s Story of Australian Cinema and more of Stop Laughing… This Is Serious are still coming this year (they were absent from a recent highlights list). New drama Seven Types of Ambiguity has been shunted to 2017.

SBS has its new drama miniseries Deep Water and associated docos, plus Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven, Masters of Sex, Vikings, Barack Obama: Inside his Presidency and Rectify. First Contact was also announced for 2016.

None of these take into account returning US titles such as The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Madam Secretary etc. There are also new ‘US Fall’ titles networks have up their sleeve for potential fast-tracking or to be held until February.

You can keep up with premiere and finale dates in the Calendar.

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  1. Bring it on! ?
    Totally pumped for Australian Survivor, The X Factor, The Bachelorette, Who Do You Think You Are, Stop Laughing… This is Serious & 800 Words.

    But I’m looking forward even more to watching all those shows being reviewed on Gogglebox ?

  2. I had a feeling that TXF would be a much shorter season than last year given that Zumbo’s deserts would continue to air during September. The only concern about TXF is that this show will overrun into December.

  3. Yes – can’t wait for Survivor – I thought they might be promoting as August 21/22 by now for the start of it – maybe its going to be a week later. Hopefully it does well – just depends on how Ten put it together. The finale in November could well end up being the biggest non-sport show of the year.

    I assume US Survivor will be fast tracked to GO! late September as well – 2 Survivors at once!

  4. I wish at least one network would roll the dice and launch a new major show during the Olympics – I’d have the time to give it a shot! As it is, I’m binge re-watching Futurama already.

  5. While it is great that the back half of the year will have some great content, you have to wonder why (particularily Nine) are shunting some key shows to 2017, when its schedule has been so empty this year. I forgot about Sunday Night Takeaway, not sure I’ve heard anything about it since it was announced in upfronts last year!

    Seven will also have new episodes of seasons of their ob docs, since Border Security, Highway Patrol, etc have only been back for a few weeks. A second season of Beach Cops hasn’t been advertised yet either, and Gold Coast Medical hasn’t shown up anywhere despite being promoed for 2015’s Super September!

  6. The thing is, I don’t know anybody who is ‘super keen’ to watch the Olympics. All of my tv conversations of late have been about how annoyed everyone is that there is going to be this shut-down of normal tv operations for two weeks and how it’s Foxtel and Netflix for the win!!

    1. Apart from the Sydney Olympics, I think that’s fairly standard that people don’t get too excited about the Olympics in the lead up to it. Then it actually starts and everything changes and people get sucked into it for 2 weeks. I’m sure it will still be a ratings success for Seven.

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