Airdate: James May: The Reassembler


He may have departed Top Gear but James May is still appearing on BBC with his new series James May: The Reassembler next week.

‘Captain Slow’ lives up to his name in this new three-part series reassembling a 1959 Suffolk Colt petrol lawnmower (331 parts), a 1957 GPO British Bakelite telephone (211 parts) and a 1984 Fender electric guitar (147 parts).

Although May and Richard Hammond exited Top Gear it was always planned to continue separate projects with BBC.

When we look around our homes, sheds and garages, we see an array of objects that spring to life at the click of a button. But what exactly happens when you pull the lever on a petrol lawnmower? How many individual pieces are involved in making blades spin fast enough to delicately cut your grass?

In James May: The Reassembler, James reassembles a whole host of objects which have been carefully taken apart to all their hundreds of individual component parts. Each episode focuses on one object and carefully puts it back together, screwing every screw, tightening every bolt and vigilantly rebuilding the object to its complete form, then testing its competency having gone through the process.

Mondays at 9.30pm from August 29 on BBC Knowledge.


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