Brynne lights up Clubland

Brynne Edelsten returns to TV for ONE's new reality series, Clubland.


Brynne Edelsten makes her return to TV in ONE’s new reality series Clubland, which held its media launch at Bond in Melbourne last night.

The series by producer Rob Menzies (Dancing with the Stars, Brynne: My Bedazzled Life) turns the cameras on the staff and patrons of Melbourne nightclubs.

Filmed over a 12 month period, it also features Nick Bracks (Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Splash) trying to secure business deals in the US.

The seven part series promises plenty of colourful access to late night revelry, sometimes filmed intimately on an iPhone.

“If I had a crew and lights, they might not be so (ok with it). And they might think differently when they see it cut,” Menzies said.

“I know that it has been difficult for a lot of people, because they expose themselves.

“But I tried to honour the faith they had in me. And I hope they like it.”

Menzies and partner Andrew Sirianni have formed independent production company Universal Corp Media, with Clubland as the first of three projects currently in production.

Clubland premieres 10:30pm tonight on ONE.


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