Claudia Karvan leads ABC drama Newton’s Law


Claudia Karvan will play suburban solicitor Josephine Newton in ABC’s new legal drama, Newton’s Law.

The 8 part series by Every Cloud Productions (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) also features Brett Tucker, Miranda Tapsell, Toby Schmitz, Andrew McFarlane and Georgina Naidu.

Described as ““the Upstairs, Downstairs of legal dramas,” it centres around Newton’s return to barrister’s robes after her solicitor’s practice is incinerated by a client, her marriage collapses and motherhood loses its charm. But leaving her old life behind will not be easy.

Co-creator Deb Cox told TV Tonight, “For me, Newton’s Law is about a woman attempting to fashion the world in a way that better accommodates the competing demands made on her. It’s crazy and bound to work imperfectly, but why not give it a go!?”

Co-creator Fiona Eagger added, “Josephine is unapologetic about bringing more heart into a job that’s been driven too much by men’s heads! But her relationship with Lewis dances around the two extremes in a way that’s never didactic or divisive.”

Filming is due to begin in Melbourne tomorrow and the series is due on ABC in 2017.

Production Credits: An Every Cloud Production. Created by Deb Cox & Fiona Eagger. Produced by Fiona Eagger , Deb Cox & Anna Molyneaux. Executive Producers Fiona Eagger & Deb Cox. ABC Executive Producers Brett Sleigh & Alastair McKinnon. In association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. It is very hard to fathom why the ABC would commission yet another legal drama which appears to be completely generic, predictable and with a spectacularly unclever title. Besides we’ve recently seen the excellent BBC drama, Silk. The lack of originality and ambition here is deeply depressing.

  2. yet another show about lawyers and yet another show starring Claudia Karvan……gee the other actresses in our country must get cranky about her being in every bloody thing ….I for one won’t be tuning in to this !

      • Thank God for Marta Dusseldorp or we’d have had Claudia Karvan as Janet King, Claudia Karvan as Sarah Adams in A Place to Call Home, and Claudia Karvan in all the Jack Irish series so far, not just the last one. I mean I don’t mind a bit of Claudia Karvan, but give the other actresses in this country a chance at the lead role now and then! I was quite surprised we didn’t get her shoehorned in as Anna Karenina…

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