Delta, Rachel, Julia & Newc to appear in Who Do You Think You Are?


SBS has announced the 8 Australians who will feature in the next season of Who Do You Think You Are?

They are: Julia Morris, Peter Garrett, Delta Goodrem, Rachel Griffiths, Mal Meninga, Jane Turner, Shane Jacobson and John Newcombe.

The 8th season will premiere on SBS in mid-September.

These prominent Australians trace their genealogy to astonishing and unexpected locations both here and abroad. Along the way, tales of triumph and tragedy are uncovered including heart-stopping and intriguing stories that involve slavery, kidnapping, cannibalism and the IRA. One celebrity finds family connections they didn’t know existed and another applauds their racy relative’s courage.

The series reflects the countless different paths that led the way to modern Australia, with tales from the grandeur of the Prussian court to the swelter of Pacific Islands, via the midnight sun in Scandinavia and the vaults of the Bank of England. The illustrious protagonists learn of the sacrifices their forebears made, overcoming hurdles and heartbreak to allow their offspring to shine and help make up the proud patchwork of diversity that is Australia in the 21st century.

Who Do You Think You Are? is a fascinating chronicle of the social, ethnic and cultural evolution of Australia and these emotional and personal stories reveal a bigger picture of Australia’s diverse national identity and how Australians have become the people they are today.

Tuesday, 13 September, 7.30pm on SBS.

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