Four Corners: Aug 8


You just gotta wonder about Monday’s Four Corners in which key members of the government speak out about “fault lines within the party” and the challenges ahead for PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Just weeks after a federal election, it sounds like the party is prepared to air its dirty laundry already.

But it’s a great coup for reporter Marian Wilkinson , who presents “Man on a wire: How long can Malcolm Turnbull survive?”

On Four Corners, key members of the government speak out about the fault lines within the party and challenges facing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“Our demise, if there’s such a thing, can only be brought about by ourselves.”

With the Coalition government returned to office on the slimmest of margins, the Prime Minister will not only have to woo and cajole a disparate group of cross benchers to vote for his policies, he’ll have to hold his own team together.

“Your biggest problem frankly, when you’re in a situation like this, any one or any two of your own side can either make or break a particular legislative issue.”

Within the party room resentment lingers over the controversial policies taken to the ballot box:

“A lot of us held our noses, sold it, during the election campaign.”

There’s barely contained anger from those who feel they’ve been marginalised by the Prime Minister:

“I would like to see a rapprochement. I have seen no signs of it.”

And there’s factional warfare breaking out in the state branches:

“I think it’s time for the serving faction leaders to vacate the field.”

Adding to Malcolm Turnbull’s woes is the question: what are Tony Abbott’s intentions?

“I don’t think Tony plans to be a backbencher for the rest of his life.”

Monday 8th August at 8.30pm on ABC.

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