Foxtel closing SoHo, adds new Binge channel.

Key titles moving to Showcase as a new channel targets younger viewers with full season marathons.


Foxtel is closing its SoHo channel, moving premium titles to Showcase, and launching a new Binge channel in its place.

The Binge channel, launching on (Updated: October 5), joins BoxSets by offering curated seasons aimed at the 18-49 and 25-54 market including Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Empire, Girls, Californication, Veep and Grimm. For subscribers without an internet connected device to Foxtel Anytime, the channels offer full season alternatives.

Moving to Showcase, which is also in the Drama package, are Wentworth, A Place to Call Home, Outlander, The Americans, Nashville, Shameless and Bates Motel. Other content will move to FOX8, Arena and TV H!TS.

Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, said: “This move enables us to further strengthen showcase, making it the premium, premiere super channel on the Foxtel platform. showcase is the home of HBO in Australia and world renown series such as Game of Thrones, Veep, The Night of, The Leftovers and Girls will now be joined by hit programs including Outlander and Aussie favourites Wentworth and A Place to Call Home.

“At Foxtel we strive to provide our customers with viewing options that suit them. Since the launch of BoxSets in 2014, the service has been embraced by audiences across the country. As more and more people adopt on demand viewing the addition of Binge will give our subscribers even more choice of quality must-watch content.”

SoHo launched in 2012 after a rebranding of the former W channel.

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  1. Yet another sign Foxtel is stagnant. Rather than adding to their offerings they are simply replacing the old with the new. And best bit, their great new channel is just a linear channel version of Netflix or Stan. Foxtel really need to look at their non-sports and movie offerings and see what they can do better. I think the number one thing – especially given Foxtel’s CEO statement in the IQ3 story today – is they are the only destination for HD content yet a large portion of their channels are still only available in SD (TVH!TS, 111, Comedy, E!, and MTV have primetime lineups plus the majority of their daytime schedule filmed in HD yet don’t have a HD simulcast – and that’s just the entertainment channels!).

    1. Bingo. It’s ridiculous that to this day, you cannot see shows like NCIS, NCIS LA et al in HD anywhere in Australia (no Ten, your HD channel doesn’t broadcast these shows in true HD… nice try).

      TVHits, Comedy, UKTV, 111, E!, MTV, Lifestyle Food, Lifestyle Home, Lifestyle You all need to be HD and now.

    1. They think this move will result in bigger audiences. Having it all one channel is fine because most people record the first run shows anyway.

      One of the most complained about aspects of foxtel is the number of repeats in a week so by combining 2 channels into one there will be less of that.

      Anyone who had SoHo previously also has showcase so it’s not like there is a price difference, unless your a foxtel play user.

      Play customers have to add the movies package at $20 to get showcase, and drop drama which was $10.

      1. “Anyone who had SoHo previously also has showcase so it’s not like there is a price difference, unless your a foxtel play user.”

        This is not correct, I’m getting Foxtel via Optus and I have SoHo without Showcase so it seems I will be loosing a good channel and a few of my favorite shows. I’m inclined to cancel rather than pay an extra $20 to get what I have been getting included in my existing package. At the very least I wont be paying extra and I will be annoyed that I’m getting less for my money and will be closer to cancelling.

  2. I am a bit surprised by this. Hopefully this does not mean they will start playing ads on showcase. Soho had some nice little gems hidden away sometimes so hopefully they will continue to play them.

    1. SoHo didn’t have ads during the show for wentworth and a place to call home did it? I have full foxtel but I usually watch wentworth on catch up, not live.

      Showcase already has ads in between shows.

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