Is Daniel Craig the answer to Nine’s prayers?

Post-Olympics Seven has a strong line-up, while Nine bets it all on The Block & Daniel Craig movies.


With Olympics ending next Monday television’s ratings race is heating up, for the final quarter of the year.

The Closing Ceremony is Live at 9am AEST next Monday morning. Seven’s primetime will kick-off with Zumbo’s Just Desserts and a replay of the Closing Ceremony at 9pm.

TEN and Nine are both launching Australian Survivor and The Block on Sunday.

Seven will also bring back 800 Words, Winners and Losers and launch The Durrells on Wednesday 24th, Selling Houses Australia* and Code Black on Thursday 25th and The Big Music Quiz on Sunday 28th.

But while Seven’s schedule is looking a lot like February, Nine’s post-Olympic week feels more like January.

Coming out of The Block next week it will segue into a pile of  Daniel Craig movies around 8:40pm including Casino Royale (Monday), Quantum of Solace (Tuesday) and RBT / Skyfall (Wednesday), in what appears to be a move to keep a “reveal” episode ripe for Sunday.

It’s not exactly what we would call launching new shows off a sizeable lead-in, but hopefully it’s for one week only.

Nine still has bigger cards in play such as Hyde + Seek and Married at First Sight which it presumably wants at the top of the week, removed from Olympic competition.

Scheduling focus comes at a time when shareholder Bruce Gordon is reportedly unhappy with Nine’s performance and looking for a shake-up at the top.

*Selling Houses Australia episodes are Free to Air premieres of a season which has aired on Pay TV.

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  1. Meanwhile, I notice Footy Classified will screen at 11:40pm (without The Block running 10 – 15 mins over) – you have to ask if it’s even worth screening if it screens that late, or whether they would be smarter to move it to the special time of 8:40pm to avoid people changing over to the catch the end of Just Desserts

      1. Really??? I’m about halfway through Spectre and I’ve fallen asleep twice. Yes a big part of the problem is the story is moving along very slowly, but a bigger problem for me is Craig, he’s just so bland as an actor. I really don’t get his popularity at all. I much prefer Connery and Moore, they had real character.

        1. Spectre is a weak Bond, I’ll give you that. I think there’s very little for Craig to chew on there. He’s got much more to work with in his other three films, including the underrated (though still flawed) Quantum of Solace.

  2. *Selling Houses Australia episodes are Free to Air premieres of a season which has aired on Pay TV.”
    Well worth a look if you don’t have Foxtel. This would be Lifestyle Channel’s second favourite program in our house after “Escape To The Country”. The latter is also on 7TWO but Lifestyle’s episodes are much more recent.

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