Married at First Sight now set to run Monday to Wednesday


Post-Olympic TV changes are changing daily.

Yesterday TEN announced Australian Survivor would run three nights a week Sunday – Tuesday.

TV Tonight can now reveal Nine has made changes to Married at First Sight, now set to screen Monday – Wednesday following The Block. It was originally locked down for Mondays and Tuesdays with Unreal Estate set for Wednesday nights.

That will pit Married at First Sight against Gruen, Offspring and The Durrells.

Unreal Estate with Kate Langbroek and Cam Knight is now out of schedule, despite promos already having run on air for August 31.

But Nine has confidence in Married at First Sight with five new couples, including its first ever same-sex participants.

Unusually, Nine has also confirmed a million dollar win in Hot Seat will screen on Monday night. Spoiler alert…?

Don’t lock in anything just yet. There’s always tomorrow….


  1. Well if they put unreal estate on a better night then I could watch it, dumb to promote a date then not do it though.

    Fanastic the block is on Wednesdays too. However it should be on Thursday as well like it has previously.

    No wonder why people are getting sick of free to air. Can’t stand all this changing and changing when it hasn’t ebpven begun.

  2. All this reality rubbish being screened every night is really nausiating were is the dramas and comedies that used to be screened at 7:30 pm programmers used to have more imagination

  3. Striped reality doesn’t work post-8:30. Big Brother was on later in the night for the last season and that didn’t do well. It probably won’t work here either.

  4. “”Unusually, Nine has also confirmed a million dollar win in Hot Seat will screen on Monday night. Spoiler alert…?””
    Smart move by Nine to pre-announce this. Whereas sports watchers don’t want to know the score of matches they watch on delay, the opposite applies to someone winning a million dollars. We can’t wait to see how it transpires. Watch Hot Seat ratings surge on Monday.

  5. How bizarre when ads for Unreal Estate have been on high rotation of late. I was looking forward to that show. Stripped programs really are the new black for commercial broadcasters lately!

  6. So we’re now heading to programming style that strips not only 7.30 but 8.30 as well. 8.30 becomes 8.45, 9.30 gets to 10pm – nothing but stripped reality 7.30 – 10 – absolutely lazy and boring programming that lacks creativity, imagination and diversity.

  7. Don’t know why Nine decided to delay the Aussie shows like House Husbands and Bond (I think) and instead, taking the risk of over saturating this show. Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Not that this show was rating very strongly last time.

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