Matt Le Nevez in Offspring return


Dead never quite means dead in TV….

Matthew Le Nevez makes a surprise return to Offspring in an upcoming episode.

Last night Patrick Reid’s (Matt Le Nevez) ex-wife Jodie (Freya Stafford) contacted Nina (Asher Keddie) with an unexpected offer to preserve Patrick’s sperm.

When Offspring returns in two weeks, Le Nevez returns in one of the show’s fantasy sequences.

Matt Le Nevez said: “I’ve been a huge fan of the show since before I joined and continue to be to this day. To step back onto their set and work with Asher again was an opportunity I could not pass up. The cast and crew feel like family to me and I was absolutely thrilled to be asked back.”

The Love Child and Kettering Incident star appeared in Season 5 of the show following his death in Season 4.


  1. I heard there are only 8-10 episodes this season, which seems accurate given the running time of the DVDs that are now up for pre-order: Definitely not 13-15.

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