Michael Usher set for weekend news at Seven


60 Minutes reporter Michael Usher is being parachuted into Seven’s Sydney weekend news presenting role, replacing Melissa Doyle according to reports today.

Usher, who was announced last week as joining Seven, has reportedly been seeking a position with less travel for family reasons. He was announced as filing for Seven News ­Investigates specials.

No doubt industry chatter will soon lead to whether Usher will end up in the weeknight role, held by Mark Ferguson.

Usher has previously read bulletins on Nine including weekend bulletins for Nine prior to Mark Ferguson, plus Nightline.

Melissa Doyle is to now focus on Sunday Night fulltime, according to The Australian.

Usher is expected to start at Seven after a “two month gardening leave” at Nine.


  1. Really enjoying Michael Usher’s presentation of the “The latest; Seven News”, it’s punchy, topical, varied & fast moving; most importantly there is no lengthy replays of exactly what has been aired repeatedly throughout the day. Michael’s insightful comments, humor & active participation during live crosses makes segments interesting and delightful i.e. the “final frame” closing. Perfect for late night viewing!

  2. TasTVcameraman

    No channel does live crosses as well as Ten, they have cut out that annoying pause with a three or five second “whoosh” and a live logo, Well Done to Ten

    • I may be wrong but I always thought those annoying pauses occurred because the signal had to go up to the satellite and back down again. Stations add the “whoosh” to cover the dead air. If TEN has found a way around this, good for them.

  3. thedirtydigger

    I’m sure Mel is a lovely woman , but I find her “Newsreader” autocue delivery frankly patronising and annoying…like a sugary – sweet kindergarten teacher reciting ” the cat sat on the mat ” to a group of slightly stupid and illiterate adults.
    Mark Ferguson should watch his back…Though it’s “The Chase ” that is giving Seven News a leg up, nothing to do with the way they make the show or how many “live” crosses they make to darkened and deserted suburban streets where something happened 10 hours ago …

  4. I think Usher is great and exactly what Seven needs to lift their News & Current Affairs credibility I can’t understand why Seven wouldn’t utilise him in a variety of roles – Sunday Night, Investigative, Live debate… aside from Chris Reason and Mark Riley the rest of the news people are bench warmers. Sixty Minutes must be sweating with all the recent departures and probable News Attack from Seven, with a few new ACA producers and some old also rans its all starting to look a bit tired…

  5. Don’t know if they will move Mark Ferguson as he seems to be doing much better now for seven and if I am correct he signed another three year contract earlier this year, but may be wrong.

  6. Mark Ferguson should be very, very nervous right now. He somehow was handed and has retained the prime seat even though Chris Bath and Melissa Doyle are superior newsreaders. Usher has obvious signed with Seven with the promise of a good gig – weekend newsreading is just a stepping stone.

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