New stripped food format for Nine in 2017

Nine has flagged a 50 per cent increase in premium local content hours for 2017, including a new foodie title.


Nine has a new stripped reality food format in the pipeline.

Yesterday CEO Hugh Marks flagged a 50 per cent increase in premium local content hours for the calendar year 2017.

They include another season of The Block, more Married At First Sight, more of The Voice, the return of Hamish and Andy, Doctor Doctor, The House of Bond, House Husbands, This Time Next Year, Australian Ninja Warrior and a new stripped reality food show.

“Generally, we are focused on more local content across the whole year,” Hugh Marks said.

“There are no guarantees in this business. You enter into everything with the best of intent – The Block has done well, we saw the performance of Married against Kitchen Rules last year, we feel confident that that revitalised and changed format has a good job to do against what is Channel Seven’s juggernaut.”

TV Tonight understands the yet-to-be-revealed Hamish & Andy project will be Australian-based with filming to begin soon.

Source: Australian Financial Review, News.com.au

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  1. Wonder what variation channel 9 can come up with the cooking show, I think they will try anything to try and win ratings in this area with Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules doing so well but surely viewers can take only so much cooking.

  2. Its fast heading towards a schedule with stripped reality not just at 7.30pm but after as well from 8.45-ish – just look at what is happening now with Block and Married on Nine. How boring for those of those not into it all…

  3. And the FTA audience will continue to drift away with the continued serving up of the same junk year in year out. Is like they are forcing people onto paid streaming services or something, wonder which one? At least they are yet to on-screen brand content and force in ad breaks on those services, when they do, it will be bye-bye from me from both FTA and streaming.

  4. For those who are winging about the networks over doing Reno/Cooking show, vote with your remotes and stop watching it. That is the only way that the networks will get the message to stop programming such junk.

  5. Another stripped reality food format…. really? Seriously, that’s all they’ve got? After one of the worst years in recent history, including a number of self-inflicted wounds in terms of poor programming and strategic calls, that’s the best they’ve got.
    Food and building/reno type reality is at saturation across all channels – existing strong formats (MKR, MasterChef, The Block, possibly House Rules) have some life in them – as long as they are not further over-worked and skilfully, subtly tweaked a little (but not too much) each season. But unless a new format really is a game-changer in terms of adding a genuinely new/fresh/interesting twist, I can’t see further commercial (i.e. ratings friendly) firepower in seeking ‘airspace’ for additional food or reno/building reality stripped formats on Aus TV.

  6. I notice there is no mention of session 4 of Love Child. They destroyed the ratings of the show this year by rushing double episodes to end it before the Olympics. That’s a locally made show.

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