Nine avoids Olympics clash

With Seven set to have the momentum, Nine programming could be great summer filler.


Nine has a week of summer-style programming next week as it opts not to compete against the Olympics.

Repeats and movies get primetime treatment despite no Live events taking place until 10:30pm. No judgement, the momentum will clearly be with Seven even screening highlights in primetime.

But it does differ from TEN’s approach which is to offer an alternative.

60 Minutes, The Hunt, A Current Affair, The Footy Show, Footy Classified and RBT will all continue.

Amongst Nine’s other “highlights” are a repeat of 20 to One, Super Scary Plane Landings and movie reruns of Mission Impossible III and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The unaired Briefcase episode also screens -at the late time of 10:30pm Tuesday.

Meanwhile TEN is continuing with The Bachelor, The Great Australian Spelling Bee,  All Star Family Feud, Have You been Paying Attention?, The Project and The Living Room.

Offspring is resting.

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  1. Well Nine just don’t have the content this year it seems anyway. Really don’t see though why they’re bailing when there is no live action in primetime – and nowaday I’d define primetime on Australian TV as 7.30-8.40pm.

  2. I think Nine is being stupid and TEN is doing the right thing giving us something else to watch so we don’t get Olympic overload in the next few weeks. But how many more will just go off and watch streaming services or Foxtel?

  3. After Masterchef Ten has been found wanting.
    When you see Seven showing you tube videos of dogs and cats.
    These shows rating. What hope do Nine have.
    Nine shows BGT . I Watched every Tues night.the acts were fantastic.
    Richard Jones Magic Show was fantastic.

  4. It’s such a total shame to see one of the major FTA networks just roll over and die for three weeks.
    The Olympics will do well, but not that well that means you don’t even bother to fight it.
    odd really

    1. I’m more surprised they laid low in the weeks leading up to the Games. Seven took their foot off the pedal after House Rules ended. Nine could have pulled some much needed annual points. But it will be about 6 weeks all up with them treading water.

  5. David, Mr & Mrs Smith is Nine’s equlivent of The Devil Wears Prada(which 10 used to repeat too many times a year). I guess channel 9 has not many films in it’s cupboard, except the ones they repeat to death like this, not only on it’s main channel but also on Go.

    1. Some of Nine’s movies have now aired on three of their channels (Nine, 9GO!, 9Gem)

      To me this business of not competing during the Olympics is like a retail business not bothering to compete with a competitor having a sale – even though alot of the people that they are thinking will go to their sale won’t because they don’t like the products.

      Alot of people won’t be watching the Olympics. Nothing live until after 10.30pm AEST. Even London 2012 had live events by the time we hit prime time here.

      I guess we’ll have some idea this time next week.

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