Oops. America’s Got Talent contestant struck with flaming arrow.

A contestant on America’s Got Talent was recovering after a show mishap saw him struck with a flaming arrow, during a TV stunt.

Ryan Stock had a target in his mouth that his assistant was supposed to strike with a flaming arrow.

Instead she missed her mark, hitting him in the neck as shocked judges looked on.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Interesting how the video shows him at 0.17 “swallowing” a metre-long rod attached to the target but when he quickly pulled it out at 0.18 on the video the rod was quite short. Obviously a telescoping rod. Trick giveaway. Ooops.
    “A very unfortunate mechanical failure”. Yeah, Barbie forgot to put in her contacts.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      The sword is the same length as when it went in. The final third of it is wet and darker and is almost the same colour as the statue-lamp thing behind it. It’s also more in shadow as he leans over. The rapid motion combined with the average resolution and frame-rate makes it harder to see the final third as he pulls it out.

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