Oops. When “Michael Archer” mispronounces “Barbra Streizand”

Barbra Streisand has certainly given 60 Minutes a great promo after she took Michael Usher to task for mispronouncing her name.

But I’m guessing Mr. Usher didn’t bet on his own name being mispronounced.

The lovely folk over at Digital Spy in the UK picked up on Ms. Streisand’s “demands” and ran it as an online yarn.

But there’s an irony in their copy:

If you were interviewing one of the most famous people in the world, you’d try to get her name right, wouldn’t you?

That’s precisely what Michael Archer didn’t do while hosting 60 Minutes recently, after the presenter incorrectly pronounced Barbra Streisand’s name – and she was NOT happy about it.

The boo-boos don’t end there.

 Tune in to see if the interview gets any better on Sunday at 8.30pm EST on CBS.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    To be fair to Usher/Archer, the soft ‘s’ between a gliding vowel and another syllable is very rare in English and it’s much easier to use a harder ‘z’ sound. Altho’ it’s not clear from the clip, I’m guessing that he also used a neutral vowel in the last syllable like in ‘thousand’ (also with a hard ‘s’) instead of fully voicing the ‘a’.

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