Paul Murray in Canberra

It's a a 2hr edition this Monday from Old Parliament House, with guests Derryn Hinch, Pauline Hanson & Nick Xenophon.


SKY News will broadcast a 2hr edition of Paul Murray Live from Canberra this Monday night, ahead of the first sitting of the 45th Parliament.

Broadcasting from Canberra’s Old Parliament House Senate Chamber, this will include newly elected Senators.

“Everything about this is special for us. The venue is very special and the chance to get to know the people with the real power over the next three years is something to savour,” he said.

“These sorts of Senates are the new normal. They show how far the major parties have strayed for millions of Australians. These people weren’t elected as a protest, they were elected by people who want a change. Monday night is the start of that change coming to Canberra.”

Joining Paul on the program Senator-elect Nick Xenophon, Senator-elect Skye Kakoschke-Moore and Senator-elect Stirling Griff from the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT), Senator-elect Derryn Hinch of the Derryn Hinch Justice Party and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson, Senator-elect Malcolm Roberts, Senator-elect Brian Burston and Senator-elect Rodd Culleton from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Live 9:00pm AEST Monday on SKY News.

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  1. Congratulations on your show, Paul, it is compulsory viewing for us. However….as you would say … But…..one bone of contention. Suggest you give thought regarding including Hugh McDermot, he does your show no good and last night was a fiasco. Rowan Dean and Nicholas Reece at times tend to dominate, but McDermot shouts everybody down if he disagrees, so Wednesday night was mostly a confused babble of sound. Weeks ago we resolved to switch off and watch something else if we saw HM’s name on your listing, last night we gave him another run but never again, not even with Rowan as a counterweight. If he is a guest then we switch off, pointless viewing if we can’t hear anyone else speak. . . . . . thanks Paul.

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