Promo: The Bachelorette

TEN introduces us to former WIN news presenter, the aptly-named Georgia Love, who stars in The Bachelorette Australia.

Coming soon to TEN.

After a search that spanned the nation, Georgia’s impressive career accomplishments, down to earth demeanour and warm personality made her the clear choice as Australia’s next Bachelorette.

A dedicated journalist, Georgia’s career has taken her to exciting and unexpected places, but hasn’t left much time for love.

Now committed to finding that special someone, Melbourne girl Georgia embarks on her adventure with 16 eligible Bachelors from across Australia. But only one can win her heart.

Georgia said: “I’ve known I wanted to be a journalist since I was about 15, but at the end of the day, I come home by myself and it is lonely. I’m lonely and I want to be able to share my life with someone.

“I’m just like any other single girl. I’ve dated, I’ve been broken up with, I’ve been heartbroken and I’m so over all of that. I’m just ready to find that someone that’s going to be my support and my best friend for the rest of my life.”

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