Q&A: Aug 29


On Monday night Q&A turns the focus to inequality.

This year’s ABC Boyer Lecturer Sir Michael Marmot argues that inequality is making us sick and extreme inequality is simply unsustainable.

Australia has always been the land of the fair go but evidence shows the distribution of wealth in Australia is no more egalitarian than the average for the OECD counties and some say the economic, health and social inequality gap in this country could be reaching crisis point.

Joining host Tony Jones on the Q&A panel live from our Sydney studio will be the President of the World Medical Association and 2016 Boyer lecturer Michael Marmot; Chair of the PM’s Indigenous Advisory Council Warren Mundine; Head of ACOSS Cassandra Goldie; Professor of Economics of Sydney University Deborah Cobb-Clark; and Dean of Medicine of Notre Dame University Christine Bennett.

9:35pm Monday on ABC.

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