Returning: The Odd Couple


US sitcom remake The Odd Couple returns to TEN next week at 9:40pm Monday August 29.

It returns with double episodes, kicking off with S1E11 “Jealous Island.”

NCIS: New Orleans season concludes from 10:40pm.

Felix is thrilled when he gets to play a role he’s been longing for as part of a theatrical group that re-enacts historical events.

In an attempt to spend more time with Felix, Emily joins the group, but Felix is preoccupied with his upcoming role and instead Emily finds herself being wooed by Felix’s acting rival.

Oscar dates a woman who once dated the handsome ex-baseball player Murph.

Intimacy becomes difficult as Oscar constantly worries if he can live up to Murph’s standards.



  1. Personally, Id have thought this at 7.30 Tuesdays paired with Life in Pieces was a better fit but it’ll probably rate higher at 9.30ish after HYBPA, which is going really well. At any rate, good to have it back. I found it quite funny.

  2. The Odd Couple was my last attempt at watching a premiere sitcom on commercial FTA. We were bombarded with ads for it prior to it’s premiere, the ratings were lackluster so it was bumped once or twice before being removed from the schedule completely. TEN could have moved it to ONE or ELEVEN to air with their other sitcom offerings (e.g. Last Man Standing, Rules of Engagement, Fresh off the Boat, etc.), but instead they decide to leave it on the shelf for what 18-24 months? Now you can’t say this is just a TEN issue, look at how Seven treat The Goldbergs; Nine treat Mom, Mike & Molly, etc.. Basically, I for one have given up on it so I wouldn’t be shocked if others have as well and the ratings are still – 2 years later – lackluster (by the way that’s not the first word I thought of 😛 )

  3. Another show that a commercial network started showing, but then when it doesn’t rate well it gets yanked instead of finding a home on one of their multichannels. TEN will be showing this episode 15 months after it originally aired in the US.

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