1. Maev....Sydney

    Tuesday nights, at present, for me, is SBS…from early evening through to early Wednesday mornings….particularly later in the evening….Crimes of Passion, set in the 50s…loving it…and always love Wallander and then the little series on the Yorkshire Dales….

  2. Not impressed with Winners and Losers last night. I’ve only watched the first ep and it was terrible. One person sleeping with a married man, one person sleeping with her boyfriends brother and another one creating ridiculous problems in her marriage. Whoever is writing winners and losers is sending out the show on a terrible note. If it wasn’t the last season that episode would make me give it the flick.

    • Not that I watch either, there’s no reason why multichannels shouldn’t pull big numbers at this time. It’s good that people are able to watch more than just the “main” channel. Hopefully once the extra ozTam boxes are delivered we will see a truer representation of ratings. (particularly in demo)

  3. A related ratings point – Seven News (nationally) have claimed the year ratings-wise.
    ‘Seven News – Australia’s Number 1’ straplines have started appearing on the bottom of promos and news-break/re-cap segments within the last week or two. I assume this must mean that although Seven and Nine have come first or second in different state/capital city/metro markets, overall in terms of total viewers across Australia, Seven must have edged it in terms of total viewers in terms of winning (a now presumably unbeatable) number of ratings-counting weeks in 2016.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    I watched Forces of Nature last night because I like Cox’s delivery. I didn’t expect to learn anything new but I did. Only it wasn’t about physics or cosmology. It was that certain towns in Catalonia get together and compete to build towers out of people.

  5. nothing that is not stripped (5 days a week) is working right now.

    Other than 1 or 2 shows that each network has throughout the year – the networks have managed to kill the 730, 830 and 930 blocks

  6. channel 7 and 9 are horrendous a the moment
    cant wait to see what channel 9 serves up when the olympics are actually on
    just as an exercise i had a look back at the ratings for this day 2 years ago and on that day the top ten shows delivered 10.34 million people for those shows.the top 10 shows for last night attracted 8.495 million that is a massive drop of nearly 2 million people
    the only difference is the block was on and x factor which i have to say makes a difference but certainly not 2 million viewers difference

  7. Not a complete disaster for Life in Pieces though – it did fine in the younger demos – Ten should at give it a few more weeks to build during the Olympics before deciding if it should move to Eleven

  8. I know that nobody is launching anything before the Olympics, but the offerings from Seven and Nine since The Voice and House Rules wrapped have just been dismal. Observational police and talent shows at 7.30 make it seem more like December than mid-July.

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